Europic 2018 (SM)

Europic 2018

is the biennial meeting of the European Study Group on the Molecular Biology of Picornaviruses and will take place from june 3th to june 7th 2018 in Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee in The Netherlands. A great opportunity to come in contact with 200 specialists on Picornavirus from Europe, the US and Asia. 

This high quality meeting is dedicated to Picornaviruses, a broad group of pathogens for humans and animals such as poliovirus, the common cold viruses, or Foot Mouth Disease Virus. Prominent researchers, epidemiologist and clinicians from all over the world gather here to share their latest data.

This 20th edition of Europic broadly covers top research next to poliovirus extinction, Picornavirus outbreak control (detection, NGS) and vaccine or antiviral development. Europic provides: an opportunity for industry partners to focus the attention of academic researchers and clinicians on the company and their products while getting updated with the latest news in this exciting and fast moving field of virology.