PLA National Conference 2017

Ultimate Resort Challenge

The Ultimate Resort Challenge will see teams armed with, map, digital camera and a booklet containing a list of items to collect, photograph and the guts to beg,  borrow or steal.

The objective, gain as many points by taking photos, video and completing as many tasks as possible! Teams must decide, do they go for more lower point tasks that maybe closer in distance or do they go and complete a single higher point task that maybe further away and more difficult to do.

Time management is very important in this program as teams must watch the clock to ensure they are at specific locations on time to participate in group challenges or they risk losing big points.

The Ultimate Resort Challenge motto:  SUCCESS – LOYALTY – TRUST – RESPECT

The URC is guaranteed to be full of fun, laughter and of course plenty of cheers!.

Date: Monday 23rd October

Time: 4.00pm sharp

What to wear: ACTIVE ware/ something comfortable that you can run around in.

Price included in registration fee and is open to everyone!

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