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Many thanks to the top-tier toolmakers and vendors that help make Woodworking in America possible. We ensure that only the best companies make it onto our show floor, meaning that you’ll find the most reliable products on the market.
  • Acanthus Workshop
  • Adjust-A-Bench
  • Back Channel Tools
  • Bad Axe Tool Works
  • Barnard Woodworking School
  • Bell House Ranch LLC
  • Benchcrafted
  • Blue Spruce Toolworks
  • Bowclamp
  • Brese Planes
  • Bridge City Tool Works
  • Daed Toolworks
  • Diaman Woodcrafts
  • Earlex, Inc.
  • Elkhead Tools
  • Engraving By Catharine Kennedy
  • Glen-Drake Tool Works
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Greener Lumber
  • Grex USA
  • Hand Tool School
  • Hock Tools
  • Horizon Wood
  • Imperial Blades
  • Jevons Tool Co.
  • Keller Dovetails
  • Knew Concepts
  • Lee Valley Tools
  • Lenco Tools
  • Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
  • Lost Art Press
  • Manny's Woodworker's Place
  • Micro Jig
  • M.S. Bickford Planes
  • Old Street Tool (Clark & Wms)
  • Popular Woodworking Magazine (F+W)
  • Powermatic
  • PS Wood Machines
  • Quality Engraving
  • Ridge Carbide Tool Co.
  • R.J.R. Studios, LLC
  • Robert Larson
  • Sauer & Steiner Toolworks
  • SawStop
  • Stockroom Supply
  • The Craftsman Gallery
  • The Superior Works
  • Tools for Working Wood/Gramercy Tools
  • Vesper Tools
  • Vogt Tool Works
  • Woodcraft [more info]
  • Woodline USA
  • Woodpeckers
  • (F+W)

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    From Bad Axe Tools
     A 10" Dovetail Saw, Aka Doc Holiday

    From Benchcrafted
    A Mag-Blok Magnetic Tool Holder
     From Blue Spruce Toolworks
     Marking Knife

    From Elkhead Tools
    3/16"flat and #1 Phillips Screwdriver
    From Gorilla Glue
    The Gorilla Pack

    From Knew Concepts
    5" Woodworker Aluminum Saw
    From  Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
    60-1/2 low angle, adjustable mouth block plane
     From Micro Jig
     GRR-Ripper Push Block System
    From Ridge Carbide
    TS2000 10" Table Saw Blade
    From Woodcraft
    Rob Cosman's Black Resin Professional Crosscute Joinery Saw
    Rob Cosman's Dovetail Degree Kit
    From Woodpeckers
    12" Precision Woodworking Square