SPE Foams 2017

Purpose & Review

This tutorial will provide practical information that will help you enhance your technical capability in foaming. It will help you develop new blowing agents to meet the growing challenges, design foam products that meet customer’s needs, improve effectiveness of your foam R&D and processing projects. The attendee will also receive updated key references on plastic foams. 


Who should attend? 

This tutorial is intended for a range of companies and individuals involved in thermoplastic foam development, production, and applications:  R&D scientists and engineers, formulation scientists, process engineers, quality engineers and application engineers from thermoplastic foam production and manufacturing companies. Chemists and chemical engineers involved in development of foaming grade resins and blowing agents. Foaming equipment manufacturing: design engineers, project engineers, and rheology specialists. Development engineers and research scientists working on new foam developments. Foam users and application specialists. 

Tutorial Program 

Monday 9th October 

8:00 am registration begins 

8:30 am bus shuttle (starts at Arvena hotel) 

9:00 am Fundamentals and Foaming Technology - Prof. Chul B. Park (University of Toronto) 

   1.Foam Structures 

   2.Foaming Agents 

   3.Fundamentals of Foaming (Cell Nucleation and Growth) 

   4.Extrusion Foaming 

   5.Foam Injection Molding 

   6.Bead Foaming 

1:00 pm Lunch 

2:00 pm Sustainable Foams – Prof. Hani E. Naguib (University of Toronto) 

   7.Biofoams: processing and properties 

   8.Nanocomposite Foams: processing and properties 

   9.Multifunctional Foams: Acoustic, Conductive, Functionally Graded and Aerogels 

6:00 pm bus shuttle (going to Arvena hotel) 

Tuesday 10th October 

8:30 am bus shuttle (starts at Arvena hotel) 

9:00 am Nanofoams – Dr. Stéphane Costeux (Dow Chemicals) 

   10.Challenges to achieve very high cell density 

   11.Materials and processes 

   12.Properties of Nanofoams 

1:00 pm Lunch 

2:00 pm tour to “Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH” 

   foam injection moulding 

   bead foam technology 

   foam extrusion 

6:00 pm Brewery tour and beer tasting


When and Where

Tutorial starts at 9:00 AM Monday, October 9 and ends at 12:00 PM Tuesday, October 10, 2017

University of Bayreuth

Universitätsstraße 30 (building FAN B)

Bayreuth, 95447, GERMANY

Tel: (+49) (0) 921 55 7471



Stephane Costeux
Dow Chemical
Hani Naguib
University of Toronto
Chul Park
University of Toronto