Design in Plastics 2017

Speakers & Sessions

Redefining Automotive Manufacturing

Future Mobility: Designing Autonomous Vehicle Interiors

Designing for 3D Printing

Choose the Right Material for Additive Manufacturing

Youth, Empathy & Startups

Innovation & Technology Management

3D Printing That’s Outta This World

How Augmented & Virtual Reality is Speeding Product Development

Visual IP — The Value of Design Patents & Trade Dress

Next Generation Learning

Innovation's a Fad: Ideas Are Sh*# Without Action

PANEL: Sustainable Design Considerations

Leading Innovation in a Time of Acceleration


Biomimicry for Innovation - Good for Business and the Planet

From Birds to Brains - How the Q-Collar Curtails Concussions

Do you have the right mindset for design thinking “doing”?

The True User Experience

Tangible Value Propositions

+ several more pending …