21 Stages of Meditation 2020

21 Stages of Meditation- Virtual Journey

Journey 1: October 9-11
Journey 2: October 16- 18
Journey 3: October 23- 25




by Sept 15

Standard Registration
after Sept 15

General (All 3 Journeys)




Single Journey (1 Weekend)  $180.00  $200.00 
Conscious Contribution
(includes $108 donation to sponsor 1 scholarship for attendance) 
All rates include the digital course manual.
Other Discounts 


  • Conscious Contribution is connected to a way to pay it forward. This non-tax- deductible donation option includes an additional $108 that goes directly towards supporting 1 person to attend the full course on scholarship. This is an opportunity to put privilege to power and support black, indigenous, or persons of color, anyone who is economically disadvantaged, or anyone located in a country with weaker currency. Your donations are kindly appreciated.
  • If you are a Dharmic Employee, or affiliated with MPA you may be eligible for significant discount. Contact pritidarshan@kriteachings.org.
  • If you have attended a KRI Event here in Espanola before (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Mela, 21 Stages or Trainer Forum), you are eligible for an additional 10% discount. Just enter the code: returning
General Schedule
The general time commitment is 8 AM MT- 2 PM MT. Some days are shorter and some days are longer, depending on the meditation schedule. 
Sessions will be recorded for those who miss sessions. 
This course is available to use for L3 certification requirements.