HIMSS Europe Start-up-Slam

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 | 17.00 - 18.30
@ eHealth Summit Austria, Schönbrunn Palace, Apothecaries‘ Wing, 1130 Vienna

One clever idea – five minutes to wow the jury and the crowd.

The healthcare industry is skeptical towards bringing out the red carpet for innovations. There is no denying that the field is difficult for start-up companies or SMEs to get involved, especially given the complex budget capping and its dual financing system. That’s why we want to provide start-ups with a stage to present their innovative ideas and with a platform which will give you a chance to be seen.

Prize – what's in it for you?

The winners of this year's Start-up-Slam will receive individual consultancy from Deloitte. With its extensive experience in the healthcare industry and in the fields of organisational and ICT consultancy, Deloitte will offer the winners pertinent advice and insight on potential challenges that may arise.

The winner will receive 3 days of consultancy from Deloitte.
The second place runner-up will receive 2 days of consultancy from Deloitte.
The third place runner-up will receive a day of consultancy from Deloitte.


Don’t worry about your ideas getting stolen: We do not demand a detailed business plan but a creative description of how your innovative solution can solve one of the unresolved problems of the healthcare business.

  • What is the unmet need that you address with your solution or service?
  • What does your business and your go-to-market model look like? Who will pay for and use it?
  • Is your solution scalable and sustainable and which business and market eco-system partners do you need for this?
  • Do you create new types of data or complement existing available data (e.g. patient, behaviour, health-economic, clinical data)?
  • Is your solution / service already implemented or ready for implementation? Do you need certification?

How to apply?

For your application please send us a deck of PowerPoint 6 slides – the aim should be to target three of the criteria mentioned above and show which healthcare IT challenge you can smash with your solution.


Please send your deck in PDF-format to Deadline is 21 April 2017. You will receive a notice of arrival.


  • Thomas Faast, Technikum Wien
  • Bernhard Göbl, Deloitte
  • Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Werner Leodolter, Universität Graz/KAGES
  • Martin Mayer, LISAvienna
  • Herbert Pock, Austin Life Science Partners
  • Univ. Doz. DI Dr. Günter Schreier MSc, AIT


If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact:
Rainer Herzog