2018 ICCA Africa Client/Supplier Workshop

Information for Clients

“The networking opportunities yielded invaluable business leads to build on. Keynotes presented, particularly on Greening Events and on Ensuring Lasting Legacy of Meetings stirred-up my innovative thinking in tremendous ways”.
Mr Johannes Muoka
Commonwealth Association of Technical Universities and Polytechnics in Africa

“The ICCA Africa Client/Supplier workshop was a valuable experience and a good use of my time. I had an opportunity to meet and interact with well networked meetings and events industry professionals as well as event executives. I learned a great deal with regards to event bidding processes and the benefits of working with convention bureaus. The fact that the event was well organised made it that much more enjoyable”.
Steve Muthiitene
Association of International Schools in Africa

What is the ICCA Africa Client/Supplier Business Workshop?
An intensive and focused two-day networking event between ICCA Africa members and African Association Executives.

A minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 African Association congress decision makers/influencers exchange detailed background information on their meeting with 10 – 15 ICCA Africa members in return for excellent feedback on the services the ICCA members can provide. This information is shared on Day 2 of the programme via a series of one-on-one meetings. Please click on this link to download a flyer which explains in more details the objectives of the ICCA Africa Client/Supplier Business Workshop.

Preliminary Programme
Please click on this link to see a copy of the preliminary programme

Criteria to qualify for the ICCA Africa Client/Supplier Business Workshop
• He/she must be a key decision-maker or has decision making influence with regards to where the African conference takes place in future.
He/she must present an African Association and not an International Association. Note as from 2018 only African Association Executives will qualify to attend the Workshop.
• The conference should not have been represented and the client must not have been present at any ICCA Africa workshop held within the previous 3 years. (see Exclusion list under the “My ICCA” section of the website).
• In order to keep in line with ICCA’s new strategic goal #2 – Engage Association Executives, the guidelines have slightly changed and only association executive clients will be accepted straight away. Anyone registering with a Core PCO or AMC client will be held on a waiting list until the registration deadline and will only be offered a place if there are still places available and providing they meet the criteria and submit a document in which the client association agrees to be represented and states that the Core PCO or association management company is involved in the decision influencing process concerning future location of their event

How do I register for this event?
Please download a copy of the Client Profile form and complete all the questions and send it in word document to the ICCA Africa representative who invited you to accompany them to the 2018 Workshop in Mombasa, Kenya