2017 WIST Courses

Concepts and Technologies of Biomass Bioeconomy, An Introduction

This two-day course is designed to familiarize participants with the integrated, interdisciplinary approach required in modern biotechnology.  Accomplished instructors will cover a combination of theoretical and practical work, resulting in an intensive and in-depth treatment of the subject of conversion of biomass to bioproducts. 

This course also provides the necessary link between fundamental subjects (e.g. microbial physiology/genetic engineering) and practical applications in large-scale biotechnological processes. 

This course will help you:

  • Acquire practical training in the field of microbial culture, bioreactor operation, bio-process paradigm and separation technology.
  • Increase your understanding of industrial chemical fermentation biotechnology through simulation, sterilization technologies and industrial implications, as well as related research done across different countries, universities and industries. 
  • Learn about new technologies in fermentation and separation biotechnology industries and scale-up of bioreactor, and experiments of the critical control parameters required for the fermentation process.
  • Gain insight into entrepreneurship, intellectual property protection, available grant funds, lean startup and the business canvas, approaching investors, and investment and exit strategies.
  • Leverage this course to establish a network of academia and industry experts.
This course is taught at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

WIST and university facility including fermenters to 150L size, complete biomass processing capabilities from laboratory to pilot scale in the Cellulose Pilot and Processing Lab, biotechnology and chemical engineering laboratories.

Your Instructors

  • Dr. Malek Alkasrawi
  • Other invited experts from industry and other universities