2020 Ophthalmology Virtual Live Symposium
COMPLIMENTARY Registration to all healthcare providers in KP and in the community.

PLEASE NOTE: Symposium attendance is open to all health care professionals with the exception of certain employees and healthcare professionals employed by pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. Attendance is limited to representatives that are in pharmaceutical company research departments only. Representatives in Sales, Marketing or Business Development are not eligible to attend. Please note that verification may be required.


If you cannot attend, please email us at SCALEventQuestions@kp.org by September 25, 2020.

ELW statement:

Educational Leave taken during non-work hours will be compensated at the physician’s regular W rate upon filing of accredited CME certificate with the physician’s Area’s Education Coordinator. A ½ W will be paid for each 2 hours of accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME).

CME activities of less than 2 hours may be accumulated. Fewer than 2 hours will not be paid. No physician may earn more than 4 W’s per calendar year in this manner. Educational Leave W’s earned in this manner will not count toward the regular W count and will not promote to premium pay.