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What's New in London:

  • NEW Startup Tech Studios - Watch fast-paced demos of how travel is booked, experienced, and managed.
  • Plenary Sessions - NEW innovative approach to the challenges of travel management and a few joint sessions with CAPA - Centre for Aviation.
  • ACTE Education Breakout Sessions - Join innovative and trend-setting travel managers, and industry experts who strive to provide unbiased information that will spark your thinking and leave you with actionable ideas and nuggets of information that are relevant to your programme. The sessions are broken into tracks focused on the future of the industry, new forces to deal with and solving today's challenges by enhancing your programme and your career.  
  • New Industry Research Findings - ACTE London will feature the release of 3 NEW industry research projects that focus on hotel sourcing, influencing the behaviours of the modern business traveller and simplifying business processes and stakeholder relationships.
  • Access to 2 Days of Aviation Content - ACTE's continuing partnership with CAPA - Centre for Aviation means that you have complimentary access to the entire slate of CAPA's education programme that are taking place alongside ACTE's education programme.
  • Great Networking - Throughout the conference, enjoy designated times for you to interact with peers, suppliers, and new friends because we recognize that valuable information and resources frequently pop up in these most unstructured times.

Watch our 2016 Amsterdam Global Summit highlight video to see what you can expect in London: 

  London education will build upon the travel manager as the supporting hub with each of the spokes representing the various components that must come together in a unified fashion for a successful travel programme. We want to provide you with the tools to become the Travel CEO!