NZACRes 2017 Conference
Sponsorship & Exhibition

We would like to invite you to consider sponsorship of the New Zealand Association of Clinical Research annual conference in 2017.

The New Zealand Association of Clinical Research (NZACRes) represents clinical researchers across New Zealand in enhancing the environment for research here and supports better delivery of high quality research for organisations like yours.

The conference, now in its 13th year, offers a chance for researchers to further develop their knowledge of all aspects of delivering clinical excellence in research and is a unique opportunity for sharing perspectives.

The NZACRes membership represents the largest independent group of researchers from across New Zealand and we intend to continue advocating for what the research community needs to thrive.

Our members welcome the conference as an opportunity to update their connections with your organisation on behalf of their workplaces and share with you the great work they are delivering.

We are confident you will find a sponsorship option that suits your organisation in this prospectus, but do not hesitate to contact Donna Clapham at Workz4U Conference Management if you need any more information or have any queries. As always, there is a degree of flexibility to accommodate any specific requirements that you may have.

Your support will ensure our researchers continue to be equipped to deliver the excellent research that New Zealand is increasingly becoming known for.

Yours sincerely

NZACRes Executive Committee 2017