NZACRes 2017 Conference
The following tips can be useful to ensure your attendance is risk and stress free!

·        Consider and plan your transportation well in advance from home to airport /ground transfer to hotel

·        Be sure you have the appropriate visas before you travel; airlines are liable to fines if they let you travel without a visa and will hence not allow you to board the aircraft

·        Purchase insurance for yourself and your belongings, including cancellation

·        Ensure that your office or family know of your itinerary and where you are staying

·        Leave a copy of your passport in your office or at home

·        Keep a list of the credit cards you have with you with your office or at home. Ensure that you have the number to contact to cancel your credit cards should they be stolen

·        Have your medical insurance information with you to speed up medical care procedures, and if you are on medication, bring spare medication with you.

·        Do not carry tools or sharp objects in your hand luggage.

·        Do not leave your luggage unattended anywhere.

·        Stay at reputable hotels, preferably booked through the Organiser/PCO.

·        Do not give your key or room number to anyone; do not put your key down on a restaurant table, bar or at the pool (especially if it is a numbered key rather than a key card).

·        Do not leave valuables, including business documents, in your room. Use the hotel safe or the safe in your hotel room (noting that hotels do not accept liability for goods contained in your room safe).

·        Keep your passport with you or in the hotel safe.

·        Read the fire instructions on the back of your hotel door.

·        Carefully note where fire exits are located and be sure that they are not blocked by your luggage or other items.

·        Never use an elevator during a fire, use the stairs.

·        Keep your room key next to your bed or place it on the floor near the door; take it with you during emergencies, you may need to return to your room.

·        Carry something about your person which identifies the hotel in which you are staying, in the event of an emergency should your wallet or personal belongings be stolen, for example, a business card with the hotel name on it.

·        Do not wear your badge or carry identifiable conference materials outside of the Event.

·        Avoid wearing ‘flashy’ jewellery.

·        Wear clothing and shoes that are appropriate for various weather and working conditions. Comfortable shoes are important if you plan to be on your feet a lot at the Event.

·        Familiarize yourself with your Organization’s travel policy; especially as it pertains to automobile insurance, auto accidents, reporting of lost or stolen credit cards or reporting of injury.