2023 Hercules Orion Conference

HOC 2023 Presentations 

We welcome operators, maintainers, Lockheed Martin-Authorized Service Center representatives, sponsors, and exhibitors to submit presentations.

To submit presentations, please download template here and complete using the instructions below. 

1. Please include a title slide. 

2. Do not deviate from the requested fonts (Arial) and sizes (headers = 36 pt, text = 20 pt).
3. Do not remove any HOC images or logos already placed within the document.
4. Please include an end slide (see Slide #3 of template).
Time slots for presentations are scheduled in 30 minute increments.  Presentations should be no less than 20 minutes and no more than 60 minutes in duration. Aircraft operator presentations are welcome and should highlight operational successes and any challenges faced over the past year.
Exhibitors and vendors wishing to present are encouraged to partner with an aircraft operator for a joint presentation. All non-operator presentation submissions should include a description of how the presentation benefits the Hercules and/or Orion communities.
The presentation timeline is as follows:
         • Aug. 17, 2023: Draft presentations due to Lockheed Martin.
         • Sept. 7, 2023: Final presentations due to Lockheed Martin.
Please send presentation topics to hoc.support@lmco.com for consideration.
Last update: October 8, 2023