2022 AFBF YF&R Leadership Conference
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What hotel will serve as the host hotel for the conference?

A: The Omni Louisville will serve as the host hotel for the conference. The hotel is located in downtown Louisville and is where many of the conference events will take place, including the general and breakout sessions, most meals and the Collegiate Discussion Meet competition. AFBF staff has negotiated a room rate of $199/night plus tax.

Q: The breakout sessions have different tracks. Do I have to stick with the same track the whole conference?
A: The tracks are designed to help guide attendees to areas of their interest, but in no way obligates them to participate in the same track during the conference. For example, if a collegiate member wants to focus their YF&R Leadership Conference experience on building up their Collegiate Farm Bureau Chapter, they would attend all of the collegiate breakout sessions. However, if they also had an interest in the Leadership track, they are more than welcome to personalize their breakout session experience! 

Q: Does the hotel have a shuttle to and from the airport?
A: No, there will not be shuttles available from the airport to the hotels.

Q: What are the ideal travel days for the conference? 
A: Our suggestion is to arrive on Friday afternoon and depart on Tuesday morning. The Grand Finale Event will conclude Monday evening around 10:30 p.m. If members or state groups drive to the conference, they could plan to leave after the event is over. 

Q:  Why is there a cost associated with some tours but not with others?
A: Depending on the location and activities, some tours are more expensive than others. Many of the tours and trainings are included in your registration cost. Tours with additional costs are noted as such on the registration site. 

Q: Can I edit a registration?
A: Yes. You must use the email address used to register and the reference number sent in your confirmation email to log back in and adjust your registration information. 

Q: Can register on-site?

A: No. You must register for the conference online before February 4, 2022. 

Q: Can I cancel my registration?
A: If a registration is cancelled before February 4, 2022, the registration total will be refunded, but it will be subject to a $50 inconvenience fee. Cancellations that occur after February 4, 2022 do not qualify for a refund.