WCO IT/TI Conference & Exhibition

Cultural program for acquaintance with "Icheri Sheher" State Historical-Architectural Reserve


15:30 Meeting at Neftchilar Avenue below the Maiden Tower and an excursion to the Maiden Tower (40 minutes)

16:10 Acquaintance with the archeological findings of Religious Architectural Complex (10 minutes)

16:20 Acquaintance with the cooking process and tasting of “Tandır bread” (15 minutes)

16:35 Walk to the Beyler Mosque (5 minutes)

16:40 Acquaintance with the Beyler Mosque (10 minutes)

16:50 Walk to the Shirvanshahs Palace (5 minutes)

16:55 Excursion into the Shirvanshahs Palace (50 minutes)

17: 50 Leaving from the Shirvanshahs Palace and walking to Absheron wine house (10 minutes)

18:05 Wine Tasting at Absheron Wine House (15 minutes)

18:20 Walk to the two-storeyed and small caravanserais (10 minutes)

18:30 Seeing off at Neftchilar Avenue below the Maiden Tower. .

Note: During the tour, guests will be offered "Drum Show", a show on rope, local wine and cheese tasting, “Tandir bread” cooking process and an interactive actors’ performance in the Shirvanshahs Palace.