DWEN 2017
Girls Track
Back by popular demand, we are including a Girls Track at DWEN for girls ages 13-18.  Few programs today equip girls with skills to pursue their career interests and passions. This is especially true when it comes to technology – a field dominated by men and now critical to building a successful, modern business.

Girls Track is designed to foster peer-to-peer collaboration among the girls and mentorship from DWEN delegates and speakers.  Just as DWEN aims to connect female entrepreneurs with networks, sources of capital, knowledge and technology, the Girls Track is investing in girls so that their path to entrepreneurship can be a guided one.  Girls Track participants will join DWEN delegates during keynote speeches and then have their own exclusive breakout sessions where they will focus on key business topics such as how to go from an idea to a business plan, goal setting, budgeting and more.

Girls Track also goes beyond theory to real-life execution.  During their sessions, the girls will develop business ideas to help address key societal issues facing teens living in and around San Francisco.  Their work will culminate in two of these ideas being presented to the entire DWEN delegation.   At Girls Track, girls hone their entrepreneurial instincts and grow their technology skills.  They’ll also leave knowing they’ve made a positive impact on the San Francisco community.

Participation in Girls Track is limited to 20 girls, and the girls must participate in the DWEN community event on July 16th, where we will start our discussion about the society issues mentioned above.  If you are interested in bringing a talented, entrepreneurial-minded young girl with you to DWEN to be a part of Girls Track, there is an option for you to nominate a participant as you complete your own DWEN registration.   We will contact you to let you know if she is able to participate in the program and we will have a waitlist once the 20 spots are filled.

Please note that the Girls Track is now FULL.  However, if you indicate interest in registration, we will add your daughter to the WAIT LIST, should someone drop out.