GEO 2016 National Conference
Who is Eligible to Attend?
GEO conferences are open to current GEO members; all staff and trustees of grantmaking institutions; staff of philanthropy-supporting infrastructure groups, such as regional associations of grantmakers and affinity groups; and staff of academic institutions and programs focused primarily on the study of philanthropy and the practice of giving.

The conference is not intended to be an opportunity for solicitation of any kind and is not open to grantseekers, unless invited to speak at the event. Consultants are not eligible to attend GEO events unless they are invited to speak or are registered to represent a current client founda
tion. GEO requires all eligible consultants to submit a letter from the client foundation confirming their affiliation, and consultants should be registered as part of or by the client foundation. The consultant’s name badge will reflect their affiliation with the client foundation and cannot be changed.

Eligibility will be verified by GEO. Please see
for additional information on eligibility for GEO membership and conference participation.

No Solicitation Policy
GEO strives to create a welcoming, collegial conference atmosphere. We ask participants to refrain from soliciting other attendees for business or grants while at the event. Any participants found in violation of this policy will be ineligible to attend future GEO events. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact