CAGC Divisions Conference and Summit 2014
All sponsorships include marketing signage, pre & post event advertising, one (1) Divisions' Conference and
Construction Industry Summit advance member registration ($550 value), along with
one (1) golf tournament hole sign ($200 value).

Additional member/spouse/guest registrations available at regular registration prices. 
You can purchase any of the available sponsorships below during the registration process on the "options" tab.
To begin, select your Member Category on the registration page and use the ID Code: SPNRSummit (case sensitive), hit "Apply." This will ensure you will not be charged for your conference registration. 

Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities
Conference Bag Marketing Insert - $150

Include a one-page flyer or postcard of marketing material for your company and/or service in the Attendee Conference Bag.Your company must supply the insert (one-page only, can be double-sided) in the number of copies needed to fill each conference bag (i.e., estimate 400 to 500 copies). For the bag insert fee, CAGC will assemble and stuff your marketing insert in each conference bag. The inserts must be shipped to Carolinas AGC and arrive BEFORE July 11 to be included in the bag stuffing. Additional details will be emailed to your company representative prior to the due date. Fee does not include conference registration.

Hotel Key Card  - $7,500
Get your company name or logo on the key card each attendee uses every day. Make an Impression on every attendee from the moment they check in to the hotel.

Event Lanyards  - $4,000  SOLD OUT
Sponsor the lanyards that each attendee wears throughout the Conference. Your company logo will be highly visible every day and at every session of the program. 

Conference Wifi  - $4,250
WiFi homepage will be directed to our company website. You company name and logo will be listed on table tents throughout the conference. 

Conference App & Twitter Board - $4,000
Attendees will refer to the conference app every day.  Be sure your company logo is the first and last thing they see by sponsoring the app & the live-feed twitter board - an exclusive opportunity!

Conference Video - $3,500
CAGC will produce a video highlighting the 2014 Divisions Conference & Summit. Your logo, as sponsor, will be displayed along with a special thanks for providing the video. 

All Attendee Welcome Reception - Co-Sponsor- $3,500 (1 remaining)
Sponsor the networking event that welcomes 500+ attendees to the Summit. Your company will be recognized with signage at the event. Reception sponsors also may provide napkins with the company logo (at sponsor cost). 

Attendee Breakfast (Thursday or Friday) - $2,750
Fuel up conference attendees by providing breakfast before attendees disperse to their Division sessions. Breakfast sponsors may also provide napkins with their company logo (at sponsor cost).

Division General Session  - $2,750
Sponsor a general session of a Division that can impact your bottom line. Choose the Building, Highway, or Utility  session—your company name and logo will be highly visible with signage during the event. You also have the option of introducing the session’s speaker and welcoming conference attendees. (18 available)

Division Breakout Session - $2,250   (1 remaining)
Support the breakout discussions of your customers, either Building or Highway professionals. Your company name and logo will be highly visible with signage during the event. Speaker introduction also included. Note: no breakout scheduled for Utility Division. (6 available)

Coffee Breaks - $2,000   SOLD OUT
Attendees will have you to thank for fresh hot coffee or cold soft drink during breaks—your company will be recognized with signage and may provide napkins with your company logo (at sponsor cost). (2 available)

The Summit Golf Tournament Presenting Sponsor - $7,500
Sponsor the event attendees look forward to the most! Your company will be recognized with signage throughout the golf tournament and given the opportunity to speak to all participants before the shotgun start!

Golf Tournament Beverage Cart - $3,250
Provide refreshments to thirsty golfers during the tournament. Your company’s name and logo will be listed on the beverage cart sign.

Golf Tournament Boxed Lunch - $2,750  SOLD OUT
Get your company logo on the delicious box lunch provided to each golfer in the tournament.

EXPO Reception and Tradeshow- Presenting Sponsor- $7,500  or Co-Sponsor- $3,500 (your choice)   SOLD OUT
Sponsor the event that got everybody talking in 2013. All 500+ conference attendees will attend this 2 hour event with vendors, prizes and awards. There will be drinks, food & music and your company front and center for everyone to thank!

EXPO Grand Prize Sponsor - $ call for details
Summit Breakfast Sponsor - $2,750
Support Summit attendees by providing breakfast before attendees head into hear from nationally recognized speakers. Breakfast sponsors may also provide napkins with their company logo (at sponsor cost).
Summit Speakers - $ Contact Ed Paat, Director of Development, for pricing.

For questions about sponsorship or marketing opportunities, contact Ed Paat, Director of Development (704-575-1506).