2012 Assets Learning Conference

SaveUSA Stories from the Field: Communities Helping Residents Save at Tax time

A Social Innovation Fund Learning Network Convening

September 20, 2012 4:45 pm - 6:00 pm

Room: Washington 1

SaveUSA is a multi-city program that encourages tax filers with low incomes to build savings by offering a match to those who save a portion of their tax refunds for a year. The program, which is based on New York City’s successful tax-time savings program, $aveNYC, was expanded in 2011 to three additional cities—Newark, San Antonio, and Tulsa—through the federal Social Innovation Fund (SIF). In its first year, participants in the four cities opened more than 1,600 SaveUSA accounts, generating close to $1 million in savings. This session will offer insights for communities across the country to pilot this model, and to explore strategies for the long-term sustainability of SaveUSA.


  • Amy Brown, Program Officer, Ford Foundation
  • Donald Burbank, Citi Community Development, Houston
  • Margarette Purvis, President and CEO, Food Bank for New York City
  • Fran Rosebush, Program Manger, THRIVE at United Way of Greater Houston
  • Anthony Santiago, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor, City of Newark