2012 Assets Learning Conference

Nonprofit Distribution of Financial Products: the Need, Opportunity and For-Profit Perspective

September 20, 2012  2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Room: Maryland C

Increasingly nonprofits are distributing financial products in partnership with financial services providers to increase the impact they have on their clients’ financial lives. In this session, CFSI will share insights on the underserved consumer and the demand for high-quality financial products, make the case for why product distribution is a promising strategy for nonprofits, and highlight the provider perspective in product distribution partnerships. Many nonprofits have limited commercial relationships with financial services providers and are generally unfamiliar with their interests and drivers. The absence of established relationships with financial services providers can often lead to skepticism about product distribution or for-profit partnerships. This panel aims to bridge this gap by facilitating a discussion about providers' interests, expectations, and their underserved strategies. CFSI will also showcase a new online resource (www.financial-capability.org) for nonprofits looking learn more about product distribution.


  • Frank Kaplan, NetSpend Corporation
  • Monica SanMiguel, CFSI
  • George Wright, Citi
  • Daria Sheehan, Citi Foundation (Moderator)
 This session is sponsored by the Center for Financial Services Innovation