2012 Assets Learning Conference

Promoting Financial Capability by Improving Access to Financial Products: A Winning Strategy for Building Consumer Credit

September 20, 2012  3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Room: Maryland B

A good credit score is an important financial asset that allows consumers to access necessary resources and can even reduce their cost of living. One of the most effective ways of promoting credit building is through partnerships between nonprofit organizations and financial services providers. These cross-sector partnerships can improve consumer financial capability by coupling credit building products, like secured cards, loans and lines of credit, with the financial education and coaching. Learn how Justine Petersen, Aspen Institute FIELD and Citi partnered to help clients build positive credit histories and financial capability. This session will focus on the operational considerations of product distribution and the key elements of forming and maintaining strong partnerships. Panelists will share insights about the value of the partnership for the nonprofit, the financial institution and the clients, along with best practices and lessons learned.


  • Sheri Flanigan-Vasquez, Justine Petersen
  • Vikki Frank, Credit Builders Alliance (Presentation - PDF)
  • Joyce Klein, Aspen Institute FIELD Program
  • Daria Sheehan, Citi Foundation (Moderator)
 This session is sponsored by the Financial Inclusion sponsor, Citi.