2012 Assets Learning Conference

Embedding Financial Empowerment into Social Service Delivery

September 20, 2012  9:30 am - 10:45 am

Room: Delaware B

In response to the economic crisis of 2008, municipalities across the country have worked to develop comprehensive programs to help low-income residents earn, grow and retain incomes and assets. Today, through the efforts of organizations such as CFED and Cities for Financial Empowerment, more and more municipalities are beginning to explore how they can incorporate asset-building strategies into their entire continuum of care for low-income people. Participants will learn how Louisville Metro Government and the City of Seattle are testing ways to accelerate asset-building strategies within their social services systems. Both communities are working with homeless service providers to embed asset building through financial empowerment training, contract requirements and new financial-oriented performance metrics.


  • Tina Lentz, Louisville Metro Government, Community Services & Revitalization
  • Jerry DeGrieck, Seattle Mayor's office
  • Devon Winey, Mt. Auburn Associates
  • Carmen Rojas, Living Cities (moderator)
 This session is sponsored by
Living Cities.