2012 Assets Learning Conference

Building Assets and Wealth for All: New Developments in Policy and Practice

September 21, 2012 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Room: Delaware B

The wealth gap between rich and poor, and between whites and people of color, has been getting wider, undermining individual well-being and the economies of communities across the country. Closing the wealth gap – and, in particular, the racial wealth gap – is imperative to achieving equity and ensuring that all Americans can achieve a prosperous future. Participants will learn how advocates are coming together to advance innovative policy and practical solutions that help individuals, families and communities rebuild financial security. They will also hear how diverse constituencies are developing shared research agendas and shaping public discourse.


  • Chris Brown, PolicyLink
  • Rob Randhava, Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights
  • Cy Richardson, NUL
  • Sandy Fernandez, Citi (Moderator)
 This session is sponsored by the Financial Inclusion sponsor, Citi.