2012 Assets Learning Conference

Behavioral Economics 101: Applying Behavioral Strategies to Improve Asset-Building Outcomes

September 20, 2012  3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Room: Washington 4

Insights from behavioral economics can help us understand some of the basic aspects of human nature, like why people make financial decisions that seem counter to their own best interests. During the session, speakers will provide an overview of behavioral economics, and introduce the Behavioral Economics Technical Assistance (BETA) Project – a new opportunity for asset-building organizations to work with CFED and ideas42 to design and test a behavioral intervention within their own programs. This session is appropriate for practitioners, advocates, funders, financial institutions, researchers and anyone else with an interest in learning how to design, test and implement more effective programs that encourage “smart” financial decisions.


  • Katy Davis, ideas42
  • Anita Drever, CFED
  • Josh Wright, ideas42
  • Brandee McHale, Citi Foundation (Moderator)
 This session is sponsored by the Financial Inclusion sponsor, Citi.
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