2012 Assets Learning Conference

Asset Building Built for Two: Individuals and Communities

September 21, 2012 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Room: Washington 3

It’s really hard for an individual or family to get ahead in a community where the economy is in rough shape. Likewise, communities struggle to do better unless local businesses can find good markets and build their own capacity, and unless local people have what they need to land, keep and advance in the jobs that local businesses provide. In this session, we will talk about both sides of this asset-building puzzle, featuring two inspiring stories that break the mold on asset-building practice. From Vermont, we’ll hear about how dozens of local businesses banded together to provide joint services that help their existing lower-wage workers stay on the job through transportation assistance, emergency loans, savings promotion and education and training assistance. From Alabama, we’ll hear about how a local intermediary is connecting land-rich but cash-poor small and minority forest landowners in one region with the capacity to produce certified sustainable wood – and connecting them to a ready worldwide market. Come to this session to put a win-win smile on your face!


  • Amadou Diop, National Wildlife Federation Southeast Regional Center
  • Lisa Falcone, United Way of Chittenden County / South Burlington
  • Janet Topolsky, Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group (Moderator)