2019 Endovascular Interventions
Symposium Faculty and Planning Committee


Iden Andacheh, MD          

Assistant Clinical Professor
University of California, Riverside, School of Medicine
Riverside Community Hospital
Riverside, CA 

Christian Bianchi, MD      
Chief of Vascular Surgery
Loma Linda Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Associate Professor of Surgery
Loma Linda University Medical Center
Loma Linda, CA

Venita Chandra, MD         
Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
Medical Director, Stanford Advanced
  Wound Care Center             
Stanford University Medical Center
Palo Alto, CA

Catherine Chang, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Southern California Medical Group
San Diego, CA

Robert Chang, MD            
Assistant Chair of Vascular Surgery, Northern CA
The Permanente Medical Group
San Francisco Medical Center
San Francisco, CA
Adjunct Investigator, Division of Research
Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, CA  

Jessica Harris, MS, RD
Kaiser Permanente National Implant Registries
Surgical Outcomes & Analysis
SCPMG Clinical Analysis
San Diego, CA 

John Lane, MD
Professor of Vascular Surgery    
University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
San Diego, CA

Peter Schneider, MD        
Professor of Surgery
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
San Francisco, CA

Symposium Chair:

Jeffrey Hsu, MD, FACS
Regional Chief of Vascular Surgery
Kaiser Permanente – San Bernardino

Symposium Planning Committee:

Catherine Chang, MD 
Vascular Surgeon
Kaiser Permanente – San Diego

David Rajaratnam, MD
Interventional Radiologist
Kaiser Permanente – San Bernardino

Majid Tayyarah, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Kaiser Permanente – San Bernardino

Carol O’Neal
Senior Consultant
SCPMG Physician Education

Soomin Kang
Regional Consultant
SCPMG Physician Education

Katherine Martinez Kleine
Senior Meeting Planner
SCPMG Meetings and Events


The planning committee members and their partners have nothing to disclose regarding any relationship with a pharmaceutical or industrial concern which might pose a potential, apparent, or real conflict of interest with regard to the planning of this activity.