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Outstanding contribution  Dmitry Balyasny, Balyasny Asset Management  
Management firm of the year  Hudson Bay Capital   
Newcomer – equity  Welton Global Quantitative Equity Portfolio (QEP) Crawford Lake Enhanced Master Fund LP
Newcomer – other Omni Event Fund Limited  
Newcomer – managed futures (CTA)  SVAM Tactical Trend Portfolio  
Fund of hedge funds newcomer Steben Select Multi-Strategy Fund  
Credit over $1bn  Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund LP  
Credit under $1bn Brevet Direct Lending - Short Duration Fund LP KLS Credit Opportunities Fund LP
Managed futures (CTA) over $1bn  Aspect Diversified Managed Futures Fund
Managed futures (CTA) under $1bn  AlphaQuest Original  
Managed futures (CTA) long-term performance (5 years) over $1bn Campbell Managed Futures  
Managed futures (CTA) long-term performance (5 years) under $1bn FORT Global Diversified Esulep LLC Permo Fund
Event driven - over $250m GoldenTree Distressed Debt Fund Altum Master Fund 
Event driven - under $250m Barington Companies Equity Partners LP  
Fixed income over $1bn  Guggenheim Partners Opportunistic Investment Grade Securities Fund  
Fixed income under $1bn  Waterfall Victoria Fund Sancus Capital Select Master Fund
Market neutral  NuWave Long/Short Portfolio Harvest Small Cap Partners
Merger arbitrage Glazer Enhanced Offshore Fund Ltd  
Multi-strategy over $1bn Millennium International Ltd  
Multi-strategy under $1bn Salem 2X  
Quantitative equity  Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund ("RIEF")  
Relative value III Fund LP Glazer Enhanced Offshore Fund Ltd
Specialist  Bramshill Income Performance Strategy Beacon VP Lifescience 
40 Act fund – equity  Altegris/AACA Opportunistic Real Estate Fund  
40 Act fund – other  ASG Managed Futures Strategy Fund  
40 Act fund – overall Cognios Market Neutral Large Cap Fund  
Fund of hedge funds 40 Act-compliant strategy  AIP Macro Registered Fund  
Fund of hedge funds multi-strategy – over $1bn Ironwood Partners LP  
Fund of hedge funds multi-strategy – under $1bn Magnitude U.S. Partners  
Fund of hedge funds specialist  Pinnacle Natural Resources LP  
Fund of hedge funds – long-term performance (5 years) over $1bn  SkyBridge Multi-Adviser Hedge Fund Portfolios LLC - Series G Federal Way Levered Hedge Fund Composite
Fund of hedge funds – long-term performance (5 years) under $1bn  Morrocroft Special Opportunity Fund II  
Fund of hedge funds overall  Riverview Global Macro Fund  
Fund of hedge funds manager of the year  Pinnacle Natural Resources LP  
Long/short equity (US) over $1bn  Voloridge Aggressive Fund LP Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund ("RIEF")
Long/short equity (US) under $1bn  Twin Securities LP  
Long/short equity (Global) over $1bn  Atlas Master Fund Ltd  
Long/short equity (Global) under $1bn  Crawford Lake Master Fund LP  
Long/short equity long-term performance (5 years) over $1bn Citadel Global Equities Fund LLC  
Long/short equity long-term performance (5 years) under $1bn Valley Forge Capital MIG Master Fund LP
Macro over $1bn  QMS Diversified Global Macro Strategy  
Macro under $1bn  Eagle Risk Allocation NuWave Combined Futures Portfolio
Macro long-term performance (5 years) over $1bn Graham Absolute Return Fund Graticule Asia Macro Fund
Macro long-term performance (5 years) under $1bn Trigon Discretionary Macro Program  
Single manager long-term performance (5 years) over $1bn STS Partners Fund  
Single manager long-term performance (5 years) under $1bn The Midway Market Neutral Fund Magnetar Structured Credit Fund
Fund of the year over $1bn Crabel Multi-Product 1.5X  
Fund of the year under $1bn Conquest Macro