Sports Medicine & Nutrition 2016


Dr. Nader Darwich
Conference Chair / Medical Director
Healthpoint and Abu Dhabi Knee & Sports Medicine Centre

Dr. Nader Darwich serves as the Medical Director for Healthpoint and Abu Dhabi Knee & Sports Medicine Centre and specializes in orthopedic surgery, as well as arthroscopic surgery, knee ligaments reconstruction and sports injuries.

He has been a consultant Orthopedic Surgeon in practice since 1992, and has practiced in the UAE for over 18 years. He established the Abu Dhabi Knee & Sports Medicine Centre with Mubadala Healthcare in 2006 to bring world class orthopedic care to Abu Dhabi, the UAE and surrounding region. Dr. Darwich has performed over 4,000 surgeries during his time with the Centre.

An avid researcher, Dr. Darwich invented a device for the distal interlocking in the intramedullary nailing, which helps the operating surgeon to avoid exposure to operate at the point of distal locking.

Dr. Darwich currently holds medical licenses with the French Medical Council in orthopedics and trauma surgery, British Medical Council (Full Registration), MD with the Syrian Ministry of Health and Orthopedic Surgeon with the Syrian Ministry of Health.

Ali Mohd Ayman
Sports Nutritionist
He obtained his Diploma in Nutrition from The Shaw Academy, United Kingdom and currently working as Clinical Observership of the Cardiology Department in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. He works as Sports Nutrition and Personal Trainer that organized the 2014 Summer Transformation Challenge for Dubai Fitness Community, as Nutritionist for NESTLE's "Choose Wellness" Campaign and as an Online personal trainer with more than 20 clients. He always seeking chances to enhance and utilize his knowledge, competencies, expand his experience in Nutrition and Scientific Trainings.
Amani Kamal MNSP.MSc.RDN.LD
Medical Nutrition lead
Medclinic - Al Noor hospital
"A. Saqallah has completed her Master degree in Nutrition Science and Policy with the combination of public health at Tufts University- Boston USA and her BS in nutrition from King Faisal University-Medical KSA. She has joined the college of Public Health Nutrition at Zayed University in 2014 as a faculty instructor. She is a freelancer member at Abu Dhabi health authority -Nutrition task force since 2011 where she is directing her role to nutrition policy and CVD prevention program.This led to the development of some regulations and guidelines such as school nutrition and Weqaya- CVD prevention healthy nutrition projects. She is also leading a nutrition therapy and community nutrition education tasks and practicing her medical nutrition therapy counselling clinic until present as a senior medical practitioner. She has an affiliation with the emirate strategic research center and her research focus is on behavior change and lifestyle roles in prevention diseases such as obesity & CVD in UAE and other GCC. She has volunteering roles at several NGO as she has the position of certified “Public Health Ambassador” by Abu Dhabi health authority HAAD."
Amjad Jarrar
MSc. Instructor – Nutrition and Health Department
UAE University

  • Instructor at UAE University, Al Ain - 2003- till now
  • Nutrition Clinic Coordinator at UAE University, Al Ain - 2009 - 2013
  • Sport Nutrition Consultant at Al Jazira Club- Abu Dhabi - 2004-2009
  • Instructor at Department of Nutrition and Food Science, M’UTAH University-Jordan - 2001 - 2003
  • Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Para Medical Science at Applied Science University, Jordan - 1997 - 2001
  • Nutritionist at Nutrition clinic Department, Arab Centre for Heart and Special Surgery Hospital, Jordan - 1996 - 1997
  • Nutritionist  at Nutrition clinic Department, Al Hussein Hospital/ Al Hussein Medical City, Jordan - 1996

Annelie Florence Shaw
Registered Dietitian
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Annelie is an enthusiastic, empathetic hardworking individual and actively strive for excellence in both professional and personal goals to ensure I deliver patient-centered quality care.  She demonstrates commitment to her profession that highlights her flexible and adaptable character. She is competent and capable dietitian can adapt to new dietetic departments providing an exemplary work ethic.

She is driven for strong team working congruently with a high level of organization to focus patient care, achieve personal objectives and resolve unforeseen concerns in a timely and proficient manner. Currently, she is working with Cleveland Clinic where she is focus on clinical nutrition management of digestive disease inpatient and ambulatory clinic patients, prescription of bespoke parenteral nutrition and responsible for diagnosis of malnutrition via nutrition focused physical exam of patients.

Anwar Mansoor Reyhan Sadek
Clinical Dietitian
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Anwar obtained her Bachelor in Dietetics degree, Major in Dietetics, Nutrition and Health from the United Arab Emirates University.  She is actively participating in wellness and nutrition workshop by Abu Dhabi Health Authority such as Health Effects of Energy and Sports Drinks and Healthy Shopping and Healthy Eating Tips; Nestle Choose Wellness Campaign where she conducted Nutritional Assessment (including but not limited to: BMI check, Body fat check, Waist circumference check and General Nutrition recommendation according to the results) to more than 700 visitors.

During her training in Tawam Hospital, she received comprehensive experience while rotating through the kitchen facility and several of the dining rooms available for the patients. She learnt about the complexities of forecasting, ordering, and purchasing for a large healthcare facility. In addition, she assisted in the sanitation inspections, employee training and quality control.

Azzam Kamal
Head of Physiotherapy Department
Healthpoint Hospital, Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi

My professional career has influenced my drive to becoming a highly skilled and motivated physiotherapist. I have an abundance of experience in orthopedics and treating sports injuries, with a speciality in knee rehabilitation. My sports injury experience has been strengthened through working for the First team for Al Ain Football Club. Effective team work and excellent communication skills allow me to excel in managing the physiotherapy team.

I strive to work with evidence based practice and continually maintain up to date through current courses, seminars and conferences.

Carine Platat
Associate Professor
University, College of Food and Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Department - Al Ain, UAE

Dr Carine Platat has been working at the United Arab Emirates University, College of Food and Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Department since 2008. She has already conducted several research projects related to physical activity and exercise, health benefits of physical activity and the underlying mechanisms, design of physical activity assessment tools, lipid metabolism, interaction of physical activity with diet, metabolic syndrome and inflammatory state. She is now particularly working on oxidative stress and functional ingredients. She serves as member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Exercise Physiology. Her work was awarded by famous organizations and was published in international journals with good impact factor.

Dr. Dejan Javanovic
Medical Director & Sports Medicine Specialist /Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist
MediCentres Polyclinic, Dubai

Dr. Dejan Jovanovic specializes in non-surgical Sports Medicine, multidisciplinary part of medicine with aim to prevent, treat and fully recover patients and sportsmen.

Sports Medicine is considered as preventive part of medicine, which has a primary role to keep athlete healthy, fit and to demonstrate his /her full sports potential. Many factors are contributing to this goal, but well organized, conducted and structured Sports medicine department is only proper way to achieve these targets in professional sport.

Dr. Dejan Jovanovic was a Team Doctor of Yugoslavian National Football team U-18 (1998-2000.); Team Doctor for professional volleyball team of Ministry of Interior Serbia (2000-2003.). He is Member of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia.

His presence in local sporting community started almost 12 years ago, working as a Head of Medical staff in Al Wahda Sports Club, Football Academy in Abu Dhabi from 2004 -2007.

Dr.Dejan was also engaged as a Team doctor of Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union (AGRFU) during professional events on Dubai Rugby Seven’s 2009 and 2010.

He was serving as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Al Wasl Football Company and Head of Medical Services for Al Wasl Football Club in Dubai from 2011-2013. Arabian Gulf League seasons.

During his extensive “on field” experience he had opportunity and pleasure to cooperate with prominent international sporting figures, such as:  Diego Maradona, Bruno Metsu, Gue Lacombe, Hector Cuper, Mariano Donda, Ricardo Oliveira, Lucas Neil, Nemanja Vidic, Branislav Ivanovic… as well as distinguished local representatives:  Mahdi Ali, Eid Bairouth, Rasheed Essa, Majed Nasser, Hamdan Khamali, Abdulla Al Shehi, Saeed Al-Kathiri...

Having in mind that Dr. Dejan spent most of his carrier in competitive sport, his special interest is diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sport related injuries of knee and ankle joint.
Dirk Laubscher
Head of Physiotherapy Department
, Medeor Hospital24x7 and Medeor Medical Centres, Abu Dhabi

I am a highly motivated and well respected Musculoskeletal Specialist Physiotherapist and have been treating patients for the past 17years. I arrived in the UK in 2001, from  South Africa and specialised in the treatment of back, neck and sport injuries. I am passionate about seeing people healed and set free from the vicious cycle of pain and injury.

I have been the owner of The Back Clinic on Harley Street for over 10 years which has now been re-branded to Rejuv Physio and Nutrition. I have treated various A-Class celebrities actors and singers, West End musical actors, professional ballet dancers and and elite athletes.

I have a very practical and functional approach to pain and injury and focus on treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms, bringing about permanent results. I also write articles for Men’s Health and other top London magazines.

Being a past elite athlete myself, I understand the function of the body, supported by my manual therapy ‘Laubscher Technique’ and rehabilitation skills thus achieving  reproducible, reliable results for all musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr Dimitrios Spanos
Clinical Dietetics Manager
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Dr Dimitrios Spanos has been working as the manager of Clinical Dietetics Department, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, since 2013.  He is a registered dietitian, graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics in 2006. In 2007 he completed his MSc degree in Human Nutrition and Public Health and he obtained his PhD in Human Nutrition in 2013 from the University of Glasgow. As well as completing and publishing research in the area of Weight Management and Intellectual Disabilities, Dr Spanos has worked for the NHS, UCL and Diabetes UK and he has been awarded twice by the British Dietetic Association (2008, 2011).
Dr Reema Mohammed Qassim Alhosani
Specialist sports physician
GHQ of Abu-Dhabi Police

Dr Reema Alhosani, Specialist sports physician, MBBS (Faculty of medicine & health science in UAE), MSc (sports medicine, Nottingham University), PhD (sports medicine, Nottingham University), Head of medical Section in GHQ of Abu-Dhabi police, Deputy Chairperson medical committee in UAEFA.  Head of Medical Executive Committee (GHQ Abu-Dhabi police). Member of medical committee NOC. AFC medical and doping Officer.  Head of research committee (Abu-Dhabi medical service department). 

Interested in epidemiology studies and injury prevention.  Started sports medicine clinic in Abu-Dhabi police and starting now a project on medical fitness for recruits and pre-training evaluation.  Thesis was first in Middle East and gulf which covered training injuries in police academies and prevention intervention study implemented which is under publication now.   Additionally under publication: muscular injuries in professional league and two case studies.  Working with many parties and volunteer to improve sports medicine in UAE. 

Dr. Fadel Sultan Al Khaldy
Head of Consultancy Training Institute
Lotus Logistics Center

Dr. Fadel has a huge experience in Health & Physical Fitness, Sports Science and Sports Medicine specialized on Physical training, physiological aspects of physical fitness testing, conditioning, programming and health. Currently, he is working as the Strategic Management and Implantation Coordinator of the Abu Dhabi Police Department of Strategic Planning.

He is a well-known educator and consultant in GCC region as he serves as the Head of Sports Department and Fitness Center in Basrah University of Iraq; Associate Professor for King Saud University, KSA; Consultant and Head of Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy Department for Al Amal Hospital, KSA; Lecturer of Occupational Therapy King Hussein Medical City, Jordan; Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in Al Bait University, Jordan; Regional Director of the Emitass Regional, Jordan. He has been invited to speak in different regional and local conferences and he authored numerous books and researches about his specialty.

Dr. Haiman Hammad El-Nahal
General Manager - Specialist in complementary medicine (cupping therapy)
Sharjah International Holistic Health Centre, Sharjah
Haiman is the General Manager of the Sharjah International Holistic Health Centre where he is actively involved in all phases of setting up a private health facility and oversight for hiring, setting up inventory procedures and financial systems. He is an ambassador of World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM) and International Social Action Foundation (FASI). He is a preparer and presenter on Medicine and Life Programme-aired on Quran Kareem Radio Station, Abu Dhabi.
Dr. Madan Mohan Reddy
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Apollo Hospitals, India

  • Dr. Madan Mohan Reddy is a senior orthopedic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai since 2000.
  • He is nationally renowned as an expert who uses latest technology and methods to treat various complicated procedures.
  • Dr Reddy has a high success rate in procedures like knee replacement, hip replacement, complex foot and ankle patients and lower extremity trauma.
  • Primary total knee replacements
  • Primary total hip replacements
  • Revision total knee replacements
  • Periprosthetic fractures
  • Unicompartmental (partial) knee replacements
  • Direct anterior approach to total hip replacements

Dr. Manoj Kumar
Specialist Physical Medicine
Dubai Health Authority

Physiatrist working in UAE for the last 10 years had his qualifications from India. Author of book “Diabetes: Alternative Thoughts” and proponent of wellness and lifestyle approaches for preventing and managing diseases. His main areas of interest are in musculoskeletal pain management using latest interventions like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Ultrasound Guided injection techniques including sports injuries, stroke and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. He is having dual qualification in Modern Medicine as well as Alternative Medicine and believes in integrative approaches for disease management. Currently he is working as Senior Specialist in Dubai Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre, Dubai Health Authority. He is passionate in healthy eating habits and a runner, but yet to participate in his first full marathon!

Dr. Osama El-lalla
Health & Physical Fitness Specialist, Department of Nutrition and School Health
Ministry of Education, Dubai

Osama works as Health Activities and Sports Specialist for the Ministry of Education. He is also the Nutritionist for the first football team and sports teams in Al Nasr Dubai since 2011. He serves as the Advisor to the World Health Organization in the Middle East for physical activity and obesity and active member of the Scientific Committee and advisor to fitness and health in the Arab Union for Physical Culture (APCF) and the British Academy of Physical Culture (NAPC-EN).

His passion in fitness training and nutrition education makes him a well-known adviser of different facilities. He also writes a monthly article in the Journal of the Goals under the title "Fitness, with Ketor Allala Osama" since 2007. He actively participated in more than 60 scientific conference dedicated researcher, speaker and president of the scientific committees.

Dr. Ravichandran Subbaraj
Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon
NMC Day Surgery Center, Mohammed Bin Zayed City Abu Dhabi

Dr. Ravichandran Subbaraj completed his MBBS, Diploma in Anesthesiology and then his Maser Degree in Orthopedics in 2005 from Madurai Medical College, India. Furthermore, he also completed his Advanced Revision Arthroplasty Training at John Flynn Hospital, Brisbane, Australia and a Fellowship in Adult Joint Reconstruction at University of Göttingen, Paderborn, Germany.

He has over 10 years’ experience in Orthopedics and has worked in various intuitions such as, as Professor and Chief Surgeon of Arthroplasty in the Department of Orthopedics at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Pondicherry, India as well as a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India and has been the author and reviewer of more than 20 publications in both international and national journals of repute.

Dr. Ravichandran Subbaraj keen areas of interest are Complex, Primary as well as Revision Knee and Hip Replacements, Trauma Management, Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine as well as management of Osteoporosis and Vitamin D deficiency and Stem Cell Therapy for Cartilage Regeneration.

Dr. Ravichandran Subbaraj is a member of Indian Orthopedic Association and held various administrative posts in National Orthopedic Associations.  

Dr. Ravichandran Subbaraj converse with his patients in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and can understand basic Hindi. 

Dr. Walter Bini

Dr Bini is experienced in neuroradiology and less invasive treatment options in neurooncology and has been responsible for the development of modern evidence-based guidelines and algorithms for the management of spinal conditions. Dr Bini is of dual Italian and American nationality, is fluent in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French, and is an active member of 31 national and international medical societies. He has delivered numerous lectures and presentations around the world and has contributed to over 37 high profile publications while remaining engaged in ongoing research in areas including disc regeneration and stem cell therapy. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in the United States.

Dr.Ammar Salti
Consultant Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC)
Dr. Salti is a practicing Consultant Anesthesiologist at Sheikh Khalifa Medical city in Abu Dhabi since 2015. Dr Salti graduated from Rene Descartes university- Paris-FRANCE and his fellowship of anesthesia and intensive care at Bichat hospital – Paris- FRANCE. He is French board certified in both Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. He also obtained the European diploma of Regional anesthesia and pain medicine organized by the European Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ESRA). Dr Salti is an active member of the European society of anesthesia (ESA), the European society of regional anesthesia (ESRA) and the Pan Arab society of anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. Dr. Salti is a frequent national and international speaker and has received many professional and academic awards . He is the chairman of NYSORA Middle East and member of the scientific committee of the NWAC and Member of the Pain Committee of WFSA .
Consultant Neurosurgeon, Department of Neurosurgery
Apollo Hospitals, India

Dr. Balamurugan have performed, over 15,000 neurosurgical procedures including craniotomy, laminectomy, spinal stabilisation & stereotactic procedures (biopsies, implanting deep brain stimulation electrodes and radiosurgeries)

Dr.Mohammed Abuelkhair
Former Head of Pharma, Medicine & Medical Regulatory Section
Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD)
He founded the Pharma/Medicine and Medical Product Department at the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi. He was the Head of Drugs and Medical Products Regulation Section and Chair several committees including Abu Dhabi Pharmacy and therapeutics Committees;Continuing Pharmacy Education Committee and Alternative and complementary committee,Pharmacy Council, Vaccine Committee and Allergy and Asthma committee. He founded the drug information and poison control center in Abu Dhabi. Dr.Mohammed won the ArabHealth Award in 2005 for excellence in pharmacy services. His major area of research is in drug safety and rational drug use. He is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.
Dr.Sabahat Wasti
Medical Director
Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Centre
Dr. Wasti joined Cambridge Medical & Rehbilitation Center in 2014 as a Consultant Physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In this capacity he is responsible for the oversight and care of our patients receiving rehabilitative therapies as well as at our partner companies Manzil Health Care Services and ProVita International Medical Center. 

Dr Wasti is widely experienced in medical rehabilitation with a special interest in neurorehabilitation. He has vast experience in the management of complications of acquired brain injury such as spasticity, motor impairments, cognitive problems including memory deficits, fatigue and neurogenic pain. Additionally, he brings an impressive track record and experience in establishing acquired brain injury rehabilitation programs to Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Wasti is also focusing on long-term management of complex neurological disability including developmental disability of the childhood. Additional areas of interest include biomechanics, posture, seating and new technologies in rehabilitation. 

He has experience in environmental control systems and emerging robotic therapies. He currently serves as Gulf Area Vice President of World Federation of Neurorehabilitation (WFNR) and as Secretary of the Ethics Special Interest Group of the WFNR. He has served as Rehabilitation Representative on the National Guideline Development group for Multiple Sclerosis in the UK and acts as reviewer for international peer publication neurorehabilitation journal. Prior to his current tenure, Dr. Wasti consulted SKMC in Rehabilitation Medicine and spent 9 years of his professional career at Sheffield Teaching Hospital Trust.

Dr. Wasti received his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine from Khyber Medical College Peshawar Pakistan. He did his Postgraduate training in the United Kingdom and Ireland. He became Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in 1992. He completed his training in Rehabilitation in the United Kingdom in 1998.

Fadwa M.B. Al-Mughairbi Ph.D
Assistant Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, UAEU

Dr. Fadwa had B.S in Psychology from UAEU, Faculty of Education 1986. She has MA (1997), and Ph.D (1999) in Biological Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience), State University of N.Y at Binghamton, USA. She is a member of  the “International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS) and Society for Neuroscience (SFN)

Dr. Fadwa had worked as a psychiatric social worker in Tawam Hospital, Al-Ain (1986-1990), and as a Research Assistant, in the Psychology Research Center, UAEU (1990-1991).  Besides being  an assistant professor  in the department of psychology, UAEU since 1999, she held the position of the department’s chair (2008 – 2012) and currently is the Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.  She is also a licensed psychologist (HAAD).

Her Research interest include animal modeling for neurodegenerative diseases, effect of herbal extracts on memory and tumors, and PTSD.

John Peter McBryde
Consultant, Emergency Medicine Institute
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

John Peter (J.P.) McBryde is a Consultant Physician in the Emergency Medicine Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Prior to joining CCAD, in September 2015, he was on faculty at Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) for many years as Professor of Emergency Medicine.  CMC is a Level 1 trauma center and large EM residency training program based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Dr. McBryde has been actively practicing and teaching EM for the last 23 years. He has also practiced EM internationally, including New Zealand and Tanzania, and even for a brief time here in Abu Dhabi in 2001. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois where he served as chief resident in 1995-1996, his last year of residency training. He then completed a Sports Medicine fellowship at CMC. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine as well as Sports Medicine, both from the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Dr. McBryde resides in Abu Dhabi with his wife and youngest daughter.  He enjoys travel, exercise, and all outdoor activities.

Khaled Khalifa K. Dougman
Community Sports Coordinator
Abu Dhabi Sport Council

Educated at The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom where he acquired a further MSc by Research in Science, researching "physiological responses during exercise in hot environments, for normal and overweight adults" .This was shortly followed by the achievement of a PhD in Sport Science from University Putra Malaysia.  He intensely investigated the relationship of physical activity, coronary heart disease risk factors, and fitness level & body composition between adolescent students of different ethnicity.

He is also greatly interested in the area of physiological measurements and the health benefits of physical activity in schools and community settings. Dr Dougman worked as a Sport Science University Lecturer for more than 10 years, prior to moving to the UAE.  He provides education and evidence based practice, aiming to increase the awareness of sport & exercise as well as promote a healthy lifestyle to the community, in his current role at Abu Dhabi Sport Council. Dr Dougman is an external advisor for the Senior Design Project at Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi and also an external consultant for the Challenge 22 Project at Khalifa University, which has been funded by Qatar Supreme Committee for FIFA 2022. 

Malin Garemo
Chair and an Assistant Professor of the Department or Natural Sciences and Public Health
Zayed University, UAE

Dr Malin Garemo is the chair and an assistant professor of the Department or Natural Sciences and Public Health at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi. Malin holds a BSc (hons) in Dietetics, a MSc in Nutrition and a PhD in Medicine (Pediatrics) from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.  She is a registered dietician in Sweden and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in the US. Since 2010, Malin is also an active member of the Nutrition Task Force at HAAD, Abu Dhabi. 

Pradeep Shankar

I worked as  PROFESSOR/Chief Physiotherapist in J.S.S. COLLEGE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY/ Multi specialty J.S.S. Hospital (1800 bedded) attached to JSS Medical College. I was working in this institution from 1999 – 9-11-2014 (15 years of experience). I was also worked as a Ergonomist/ Chief Physiotherapist as a Part-time in the Evening in Multinational Company INFOSYS from 2005 till 9-01-2015( 9 years of experience)..

Rachel Anne Scrivin PG Dip Diet (Dist.), BCApSc, BPhEd, MSc (Candidate), HAAD, NZRD, ASD
Head of Nutrition and Dietetics + Acting Head of Health Education
Global Medical Solutions, Abu Dhabi

Educated at University of Otago, New Zealand. Degrees in Physical Education and Consumer and Applied Sciences (majoring in Human Nutrition) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics.

Currently completing Masters in Science (Human Nutrition) (Thesis: Meta-analysis on nutritional strategies on thermoregulation and/or performance during endurance exercise in the heat). Accredited Sports Dietitian from Sports Dietitians Australia and Institute of Sport Australia.

Currently working in UAE as Head of Nutrition and Dietetics (and acting Head of Health Education) within Health and Wellness centers for Global Medical Solutions. Previously worked as Clinical Dietitian in NZ and UK for 11 years and Director of private practice specializing in Sports Nutrition (working with World Class athletes for High Performance Sport NZ) for further 8 years. Contributor to Good Health magazine and regular nutrition articles for Bay of Plenty times (NZ). Regular sports nutrition presenter for local Sports Medicine conferences in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in addition to Kuwait, and New Zealand. Competitive squash player and qualified Les Mills fitness instructor (Body Balance).

Rania Elias
Senior Physiotherapist in musculoskeletal rehabilitation
Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center

Rania Elias holds a Masters in Osteopathy and Manual therapy from Saint Joseph University (2008) and a bachelor of physiotherapy from Lebanese University (2006). Rania then pursued many academic and non-academic postgraduate courses to enrich her career to finally earn a Diploma in Physical Education from Cote d’Opale University, France – 2012. She’s also a member of the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon (OPL), The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), “Federation Internationle des Organisations de Physiotherapeutes Francophones” (FIOPF), and the Arab Confederation for Physical Therapy (ACPT) since 2006

Rania Elias has over 10 years of clinical experience in treating patients with a multitude of various conditions.  She primarily worked in clinical type settings but have extensive experience with long-term rehabilitation cases. She moved to Dubai with her family in 2013 where she got her DHA License and joined Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center “DPRC” as a senior physiotherapist using her strong emphasis based on manual therapy and exercise prescription along with individualized treatment programs. Rania has since pursued and acquired new techniques such as Kinesio Taping through the Kinesio Taping Association International. Rania ELIAS is a strong believer in Hands-on therapeutic approach associated with intense patient motivation to achieve optimal healing.

Conference Co-Chair / Senior Cardiovascular Consultant & Chief Quality Officer
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC)

Dr. Ellahham has served as Chief Quality Officer for SKMC since 2009. In his role, Dr. Ellahham has led the development of a quality and safety program that has been highly successful and visible and has been recognized internationally by a number of awards.

As Chief Quality Officer and Global Healthcare Leader, Dr. Ellahham has a focus on ensuring that that implementation of this best practices leads to breakthrough improvements in clinical quality and patient safety.

Dr. Ellahham is a recognized leader in quality, safety, and the use of robust performance improvement in improving healthcare delivery. He serves on a number of US and international committees and advisory bodies.