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SAFE Ambition are a collective of talented young musicians, vocalists, and composers working together to develop skills and express our creativity through performance.

SAFE's goal is to empower the young people of Gorton, one of Manchester's most deprived areas, to reach out for the futures they deserve, and to fight disadvantage through the power of music.

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SAFE Ambition and Insurance: natural affinity, strong relationships.

The social purpose of insurance shares a natural affinity with SAFE Ambition and its focus on social cohesion and assuring people's futures. The insurance community has already taken SAFE Ambition to its heart. SAFE Ambition is actively supported by Insurance Institute of Manchester and BIBA as well as The Insurance Supper Club (ISC), Independent Women in Insurance Network (iWIN) and Ambition First (AF). Each of the three annual concerts performed in London since 2013 have been supported by these bodies and networks with venues donated by others including Willis in 2015.

SAFE Ambition
SAFE Ambition
SAFE Ambition

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