Responsible Wool Standard Brand Training Seminar
Event Details
Responsible Wool Standard Brand Training Seminar
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Event Description

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) will be released early this summer and ready for action. To support brands that are interested in learning more about the standard and getting practical information on how to develop sourcing strategies, Textile Exchange is holding a training seminar in Munich on July 18. This will be a lively and engaging event, with a full spectrum of speakers, lots of networking opportunities, and a great cocktail hour!

This training seminar is designed to meet the needs of brands that want to understand how to work with the RWS once it is launched. Attendees will learn about the issues that the RWS addresses, get an understanding about the realities of farming and certification, be educated on the different strategies to bring RWS wool into their supply chains, and network with each other and representatives of the key stakeholder groups.

We are lucky to have an exceptional space for this event. It will be held at the Ökologisches Bildungszentrum München, which is a beautiful building surrounded by 6.5 hectares of green space, in the north of Munich. It is easily accessible by bus, U-Bahn and S-Bahn.

The event will begin at 1pm, with seminars until 5:30pm, followed by networking with cocktails and light foods. Final timings and details will be confirmed closer to the date.

We are still in the process of finalizing speakers, but so far we have the following confirmed:

Wool supply chain

  • Lemprières
  • Lanas Trinidad
  • Chargeurs
  • Ovis 21


  • Continuum Textiles

Animal Welfare

  • Four-Paws


  • Control Union
  • NSF


  • Textile Exchange

The cost to attend the training will be $500 per attendee, with a 10% discount for TE members. This will include the cocktail reception.

Draft Agenda

1 pm - 3 pm

  • Brief overview of the RWS
    • What are the goals of the RWS? Role in motivating change
    • How is the standard designed to meet these goals?
    • What does the RWS provide to a brand?
  • Communicating confidently to consumers
    • What are the key aspects of animal welfare? What are the specific areas of risk with wool?
    • What is the bigger context?
    • How can brands accurately communicate their efforts to consumers?
  • Understanding the farmer
    • What are the challenges of farming?
    • What impact will the RWS have on farming?
    • What will be the challenges of implementing the RWS? (Talk about costs)
  • Supply chain certification
    • What are the chain-of-custody requirements for the full supply chain?
    • What are the chain-of-custody options for the brand?
    • What will certification look like (timing, costs, process)?

3:00 – 3:30 pm

  • Networking Break

3:30 – 5:30 pm

  • Strategies for sourcing RWS fiber into your supply chain
    • Setting targets
    • Determining who to work with in your supply chain
    • Sending demand signals to the farms
    • Setting realistic cost and timing expectations
    • Figuring out volumes

5:30 pm

  • Networking and cocktails

Thank you to our co-sponsors