It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 5th SEHA International Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Conference. The conference theme of this year is "Health Professionals a Force for Change: Improving Health Systems"

For the first time Nurses, Midwifery and Allied Health professionals will be gathered under one umbrella, which will be invaluable learning experiences that will provide you with the best of science, technology, research and education in multidisciplinary fashion.

The goal for successful health systems is to be able to adapt, learn and be flexible. These three core concepts are fundamental to building and developing resiliency.


  • Flexibility is characterized by an ability in the organization to easily modify its processes. These could relate to factors such as workforce employment conditions or service delivery models.
  • Adaptability is the ability of an organization to change or be changed in order to fit or work better in some situation or for some purpose.
  • A learning organization is an organization that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself.

Samah Mahmoud

Conference Chair
Acting CNO
Al Rahba Hospital


  1. Foster strong collaboration between Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health profession that will enhance health system resilience responsive to change.
  2. Present innovative approaches for building increasing capacity for health promotion and public advocacy within the healthcare community of the UAE.
  3. Discuss the impact of evidence based researches and innovation towards achieving excellence in healthcare settings.
  4. Support health workforce as a means to improve health services that are affordable, acceptable and adaptable to change.
  5. Discuss Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health leaders and organizations role in creating an environment that resilience with change to achieve excellence in healthcare settings.
  6. Perform clinical practice hands on workshops given by world-leading experts and tutors.