Actuarial Firm
Captive Healthcare Specialist
Captive Manager of the Year

Captive Manager of the Year – Independent

Captive Management – Customer Care

Captive Management – Enterprise Risk Captives
- NEW FOR 2016
Captive Management – Group Captives

Captive Professional
Cell Company Initiative
Claims Management Firm
Collateral Service Provider - Letter of Credit - NEW FOR 2016
Collateral Service Provider - Trust - NEW FOR 2016

CPA Firm
Employee Benefits Consultant - NEW FOR 2016
Employee Benefits Fronting Network - NEW FOR 2016

Fronting Partner – Customer Care

Fronting Partner – Innovation - NEW FOR 2016
Insurance Company

Innovative use of an ART Structure

Investment Management – Customer Care
Investment Management – Innovation

Offshore Captive Domicile of the Year
Offshore Law Firm of the Year
Onshore Law Firm of the Year
Outstanding Contribution by an Individual
Reinsurance Company
Risk Consulting Initiative
Run-off Specialist
Subrogation Specialist
Tax Advisory Firm
Technology Firm

US Captive Domicile
Captive Reinsurance Intermediary/Broker - NEW FOR 2016

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