2016 TAPPI Tissue 201 – Operations and Runnability Course

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David R. Roisum, Ph.D. is president and senior consultant of Finishing Technologies, Inc. in Neenah, Wisconsin. He has nearly two decades of experience in the design, development and troubleshooting of web machinery and was the recipient of TAPPI’s 1990 Finishing and Converting Division Award. Dr. Roisum’s common sense approach to the complex science of web handling makes him a popular lecturer to industry and academia alike. His skill at translating highly complex information into practical reference has also served him well as a speaker at more than a dozen international conferences, as consulting editor for Converting Magazine and as a frequent contributor to TAPPI JOURNAL.

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Towel and Tissue Papermaking is module #15 in the The Making Pulp and Making Paper CD-ROM series. It is available as a single purchase.  This highly interactive CD-ROM offers instruction in terms, concepts, and processes. 

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PaperCon 2014 was held April 27 – May 1, 2014 at the Nashville Convention Center in Nashville, TN. 

The 2014 Conference had the strongest peer-reviewed program ever; the focus: “In Tune for Sustainability, Agility and Profitability”.

This flash drive contains over 100 presentations and papers presented throughout the conference and is now available on this fully searchable flash drive. 

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You may also be interested in these TAPPI PRESS publications offered at a discount for TAPPI members.

Mechanics of Rollers

By David R. Roisum, Ph.D.

The Mechanics of Rollers combines the science of web handling with the application of rollers. This unique book covers design, application, and maintenance for rollers of all sizes, shapes, and webs. The Mechanics of Rollers is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use reference containing hundreds of figures, tables, and design equations, plus bibliography, glossary, and index. A must-have text for anyone involved in buying, selling, or specifying rollers, this book will also be a valuable reference for machine designers, process engineers, and maintenance personnel in the paper, film, foil, nonwovens, textiles, and converting industries. 1996. 306 pages, soft cover

Product Code:  0101R255
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Winders: The Complete Guide for Paper Mills and Converters

By Jan Gronewold

This comprehensive book serves as a complete winder training, applications, and product buying guide. This helpful text shows readers how to analyze, select, implement, and improve a winding operation. By describing and illustrating the various types of winders, the book can help readers determine the best winding method for their particular materials.

This valuable industry resource will be useful to everyone involved in the winder process area, including engineers, production managers, maintenance managers, and other technical and production staff. Winder manufacturers and industry consultants will also find this unique book to be a valuable resource. 1998. 186 pages, soft cover.  

Product Code:  0101R274
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List Price:  $96

Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Yankee Dryers, 2nd Edition

This report provides suggested guidelines to aid in the safe operation and management of Yankee dryers. A project of the Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering Committee of TAPPI’s Engineering Division, these guidelines are intended to satisfy existing ASME Codes and most jurisdictional requirements.

Contents include:
Engineering and Design Guidelines, Maintenance and Repair Guidelines, Operating Guidelines, and Personnel Safety Guidelines. 1995. 38 pages, soft cover.

Product Code:  0101R244
Member Price: $24
List Price: $36

Guidelines for the Safe Operations of Steam Heated Paper Machine Dryers

Edited by Steven P. Fusco

This is a guide to the safe operation and maintenance of steam heated paper machine dryers. The Steam Heated Dryer Subcommittee of the TAPPI Engineering Division’s Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering Committee prepared this report. The report includes details on dryer construction, operation, and safety guidelines. It also features a glossary, a reference list, and conversion factors for SI units. 1995. 64 pages, soft cover.

Product Code:  0101R250
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