Title IX Now: New Insights on Investigations and Adjudications

Title IX and Beyond Resources: Investigations and
The Adjudicatory Process

Title IX and Beyond: Investigations

Educational institutions must conduct sexual violence and harassment investigations in accordance with federal compliance requirements. This checklist highlights best practices including:

  • Choosing investigators with the necessary training, knowledge, and skill levels
  • Developing an investigation plan
  • Interviewing the witnesses
  • Interviewing the parties involved
  • Writing an investigator's report



Title IX and Beyond: The Adjudicatory Process

Traditionally, institutions conducted hearings to determine violations of the campus code of conduct, but more recently schools have started experimenting with new judicial models. This resource examines the strengths and weaknesses of three prevailing adjudication models:

  • Hearing panel as decision-maker
  • Investigator as decision-maker
  • Decision-maker removed from investigation


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