BIWAC Congress 2016

Research Prize of the Belgian Interdisciplinary Working Group on Acute Cardiology 

The BIWAC  Prize is granted every  two years to the  person or to the team with the best proposed research project in acute cardiology

The amount of BIWAC Prize is fixed to 12.500 Euro

Candidates for the award must meet the following conditions:

  • Not older than 50 years at the time of the submission of the application;
  • Have  the Belgian nationality or be more than 4 years employed in a Belgian  university or non-university hospital setting;
  • Attach a curriculum vitae;
  • Include a statement that the project has not yet been awarded with a prize;
  • Inform the jury if the project has been applied for another prize/grant (in whole or in part).
To be eligible, the text of the proposed project should meet the following requirements:

  • Written in English ( max 8 pages) including summary (500 words) and  precise and detailed budgeting for the realization of the project;
  • Devoted to a subject in the field of acute cardiology. Both clinical or experimental projects are considered;
  • Be original  and to be carried out, at least for the main part, in one or more Belgian institutions;
  • Each candidate or team can submit only one project per session.

The project must be submitted by email before 15 March  of every even year (2016 for
this edition) to the Chairman of the BIWAC and to the Secretary at It
should include a covering letter with title of the project and a short explanation why the
candidate applies for the BIWAC Prize.

The Jury is composed of the Chairman  of the BIWAC, one board member of the
Belgian Society of Cardiology and 3 members of the BIWAC board. The Jury can invoke a maximum of two external experts if  necessary.
The candidate or team whose project got the most jury votes,  will be the winner of
the BIWAC Prize  (an ex-aequo is not excluded;  in that case  the prize will be divided
among the two winners). The decision taken by the jury is decisive and  irrevocable.
All   candidates will be informed of the decision of the jury, one month before  the
official awarding of the Prize.

The Prize will not be awarded if no project has been submitted that meets the  regulatory conditions including the quality criteria

The Prize will be awarded at the bi-annual Belgian congress on acute cardiac care.

Within 2 years after delivery of the Prize, the winner has to provide a summary  of the available results to the Chairman of the BIWAC. Confidentiality will be ensured.

Information concerning  the prize and the activities of the  BIWAC is available on the BIWAC website:

Belgian Interdisciplinary Working Group on Acute Cardiology