ETE Summit 2016
Summit 2016 
08/15/2016 - 08/16/2016 

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About the Conference
In answer to the growing inequities in our country and the toll this takes on success for all our children, Excellence through Equity takes an approach in which there are no losers. This Summit features national experts and award-winning practitioners who will facilitate leadership teams in understanding:
  • Rapidly Changing Demographics (national, state, local)
  • Challenges of educating children of poverty and diverse cultures
  • Achievement gaps of models of success
Outcomes of this summit will include:
  • Understanding the impact of demographic shifts on education
  • Understanding implementation methods for developing successful outcomes for children of poverty and diverse cultures
  • Developing a District/school Problem Statement as a team with a set of actionable items for the district and schools that support School Improvement Plan development and implementation
  • Identify opportunities for early wins to closing gaps and the equity effort
  • Learning to operate as an action learning team to move the work forward
What is the pre-work needed for the summit? Ideally:
  • Superintendents and building leaders will develop a lead team they will work with to conduct follow-up to the session. Consider as members of the team: a district instructional leader; a Principal; a member of the BOE-or community member; Teacher leaders, and a Supervisor of Principals or other central office personnel (PD, HR)
  • Each participant should attend with the expectation of identifying current issues and passing on the learning to their respective constituents.
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