Single-Screw Analysis & Trouble Shooting
04/27 - 04/28/2016
University of Massachusetts-Lowell Inn & Conference Ctr. ,
Lowell, Massachusetts
United States

This two-day seminar is based on Screw Rotation Physics and is specifically designed for plastics practitioners and professionals who need to understand the technology of single-screw extruder design and analysis.

The course will cover basic extruder design, screw design fundamentals, and extruder operation as they apply to stand alone extruders, injection molders and “compounding/mixing” in single screw devices. Topics to be covered are solids conveying, melting, metering, mixing, viscosity effects, material degradation and temperature rise in single-screw extruders.

Numerous troubleshooting case studies will be presented that deal with topics such as black specs, gel contamination, flow surging, and the effect of power-law polymers on predicted rate.

Seminar Takeaways
  • Why metering section must control rate
  • Melting mechanism
  • Calculation of Deep Channel output
  • Temperature control
  • Metering of power law polymers
  • Sources of gels and black specks
  • Mixing in single screws
  • Mixing device design issues
  • Flow surging
  • Use of high performance screws
  • Multiple Trouble Shooting Examples
  • Presenters
    Gregory Campbell
    Castle Associates
    Mark Spalding
    Dow Chemical Company