103° Congresso Nazionale SIO - ENGLISH


Italian Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

Roma, 25 - 28 May 2016

Like every year, the SIO Congress is the benchmark of the clinical scientific activities of the Italian Otorhinolaryngology.
It is the Italian Society Congress but it is also open to all European Societies that share the same assistance procedures, guidelines and approach to the pathologies.
My goal is to make the congress useful also for the younger specialists; this is why I introduced scientific and technological innovations  increasing thus the number of presentations  and included monothematic courses, which have been very successful in the past editions.
We offer a congruous number of round tables for various specialties.
We have introduced practical courses and short communications for those who desire to share interesting information.
There will also be classical communications, e-posters and video sessions.
The SIO TV will help manage parallel sessions and their schedules; it will also transmit interviews held during the congress.
Participants will be able to download an APP that will allow them to see all the contents of the event and listen to the speakers’ presentations just minutes after the session ends. The contents of the APP will be accessible even after the event.

See you in the capital!

President of the Congress

Prof. Roberto Filipo

A message from Prof. Filipo