2016 Agriculture Safety Day
Ofelio Borges
WA Dept. of Agriculture
Ofelio Borges currently works for the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) in the Pesticide Management Division as a Pesticide Safety Educator. As part of his current position, he supervises the Farmworker Education Program. Ofelio has developed and implemented several pesticide training curriculums including a Worker Protection Standard Train the Trainer program for the state of Washington, in which hundreds of trainers have been trained. Prior to working for WSDA, he worked as a farm manager, pesticide applicator and migrant farmworker. Ofelio also has extensive experience in safety issues related to agriculture.
Josie Bryan
WA Dept. of Labor & Industries

Josie has enjoyed a professional career in both the public service and private sector employment.  A native of Lincoln, California, Josie has lived in the State of Washington for 35 years.  A proud mother of two boys, both recent college graduates, she has modeled the balance of hard work, respect for others, commitment, honesty, communication and fun as tools to meet professional and life goals.

Josie has held positions in the Chelan County Auditor’s Office (3 years), Chelan County Assessor’s Office (11 years), worked in Human Resource Management (6 years) for two major corporations in Eastern Washington, Stemilt Grower’s and Pacific Aerospace and Electronics, and in the public school system as an Office Manager (12 years) for a busy middle school.  Her vast and varied work experiences lead her to the Department Of Labor and Industries in November 2014 where she was hired and an Industrial Relations Agent 2, and then moved to her current position as Child Labor Specialist for the State of Washington in January of 2015.

 Her experiences and training have led to working both sides of labor and management, public speaking and training, policy and procedure development, payroll, computer and technology applications, organizational development and change, administrative services and customer service.  Josie has served as a volunteer for the Kiwanis Club of Amistad, Wenatchee Panther Booster Board, Public Service Employees Union, and public schools throughout her professional career.

Josie now lives in Tumwater, with her husband of 26 plus years, Ted. 

Alma Caballero
Employment & Training Representative
OIC of Washington
Alma Caballero is an Employment & Training Representative for OIC of Washington where she has provided trainings to farmworkers and their family members for over five years. She is actively certified to train farm working families through the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP)’s Health & Safety Programs and Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA); whose mission is empower farmworkers to protect themselves against pesticides and heat stress through health and safety education.
Wilma Cartagena
Equal Employment Opportunities Commission

Wilma Cartagena is a Civil Rights Investigator with the Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC).  She has been with the WSHR Commission for 9 and a half years, and her main focus is investigating discrimination complaints in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodation, credit, insurance and Whistleblower Retaliation (state employees). Ms. Cartagena has a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Human Resources with emphasis in Employee Relations and Development.  She is active in the community she works addressing social justice issues in the Latino/Hispanic Community.  She is a member of the Eastern Washington University Advisory Board at the School of Public Service and also a Board Member of the North Central Washington Hispanic Chamber, among others.  Ms. Cartagena is originally from Puerto Rico, and lived in Spokane for 15 years prior to her move to Wenatchee.

Sergio Cervantes
Washington State Patrol
Sergio has been a Washington State Trooper for 10 years. WSP "El Protector" Trooper, Hispanic/Bilingual.
Israel Delamora
OIC of Washington
I am a graduate of the University of Washington with a BA in Psychology. I have been working for OIC for about ten years. For seven years, my duties were as an Employment and Training Representative. The last three years, I was promoted to Regional Manager. 
During my tenure with OIC, I have upgraded my training skills in the areas of Tractor Safety Training, Overton National Forklift Trainer, ATV Safety Institute Trainer, WPS Pesticide Safety Trainer, AFOP Pesticide Safety, AFOP Heat Stress Trainer, AFOP Leaf Training and Job Readiness Training. 
I am bilingual: English/Spanish. Being bilingual enables me to provide services to those valuable members of our working community that would normally not use our services if not provided in their native language.
David Douphrate, PhD PhD, MPT, MBA, CPE
University of Texas, School of Public Health

David Douphrate, PhD, MPT, MBA, CPE is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Sciences at the University of Texas, School of Public Health, San Antonio Regional Campus. His research and outreach focus for the past 15 years has been concentrated in the dairy industry. Dr. Douphrate has partnered with a multitude of large-herd dairy operations in many states, working diligently to learn industry needs while simultaneously gaining the trust of industry stakeholders (i.e., dairy owners, managers and workers).  Through these efforts he is recognized as a trusted partner to address worker health and safety on dairy farms through research, outreach, and translation/dissemination initiatives. 

Amy Duz
Amy Duz is President of iWorkWise, a consulting company specializing in the practical application of safety and environmental regulations. She is a Certified Safety Specialist, OSHA-authorized trainer, and past plant manager of an OSHA VPP site. Amy has been working with process safety and emergency response for more than two decades; she specializes in ammonia safety and compliance.
Rick Gleason
UW NW Center for Occupational Health and Safety

Rick Gleason, MSPH, worked for Federal OSHA and Washington State WISHA as an inspector for 13 years. He has been teaching undergraduate students, graduate students, and working professionals at the University of Washington for the last 15 years. Rick currently serves as a senior lecturer in the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS).His is also the lead Seattle area instructor for the Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center, which is housed within DEOHS.

Rick Goggins
Rick Goggins, M.S., CPE Rick has been working as an ergonomist for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries for the past 19 years. Prior to that, he worked with Hughes Space and Communications’ Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs group in El Segundo, California. He has a Master’s in ergonomics from the Institute of Safety and Systems Management at the University of Southern California. Rick is a Certified Professional Ergonomist.
Fabiola Gonzalez
Dept. of Labor & Industries

Fabiola Gonzalez, MHA is the Hispanic Outreach Program Manager at the Department of Labor & Industries. 

Works on promoting DOSH services and educating employers, employees, trade associations, community and faith-based groups and Hispanic workers with outreach, education and training.   

She enjoys conducting Hispanic outreach and is committed to identifying was to improve the safety and health of Hispanic workers and other hard-to-reach workers.  She also provides safety and health trainings such as WISHA 10, OSHA 10, and general safety trainings in the Hispanic community.   

Dr. Robert Hagevoort
As a current Extension Dairy Specialist in New Mexico (10yrs.), and previously as a dairy industry consultant (12yrs.), it has always been my task to 1) identify bottlenecks on dairy operations, 2) determine feasible options to eliminate or lessen their impact, and 3) develop the resources to implement solutions. In this implementation of solutions I work with animals as much as I do with people, and with operations increasingly becoming larger both in terms of number of animals and number of hired workers, the focus is definitely shifting from traditional disciplines such as animal nutrition, reproduction, and husbandry, to employee centered and management oriented disciplines.
Jim Harry
WA State Dept. of Natural Resources
Jim Harry has been with the Dept of Natural resources for almost 30 years and has over 45 years experience operating farm equipment and machinery. Jim Created the Dept of Natural Resources UTV, Trailer Towing, and Firefighting Equipment training programs, which he also provides training for. In addition, Jim trains ATV operation, Forklift safety, and Commercial truck driving. As a hobby, he collects and restores antique cars and farm equipment.
Tom Hoffmann
WA Dept. of Agriculture

Tom was raised on a dairy, hog, and crop farm in Minnesota.  He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Agronomy and Soil Science and in Agricultural Education from the University of Minnesota.  He was also awarded a Master of Arts degree in Vocational and Technical Education from University of Minnesota as well as a Master of Science degree in Organization Development from Central Washington University.

Early in his career, Tom was an assistant production manager for a farm in southern Minnesota and for a seed farm in western Wisconsin.  Realizing a dream to move west, Tom was a WSU Area Extension Educator for 16 years.  During that time, he served in Whitman, Lincoln, Adams, Kittitas, and Yakima Counties.  His program activities included cereal grain, oilseed, pulse crop, and forage production; soil and water conservation; irrigation management; range and pasture management; farm business and financial management; landscape horticulture; and resource management for small acreage landowners. 

In 1998, Tom assumed his current duties as the Technical Assistance Specialist and Statewide Program Coordinator for the Washington State Department of Agriculture's Chemigation and Fertigation Technical Assistance Program.  He is the department’s primary contact on soil fumigation and irrigation.  His duties also include the federal Worker Protection Standard.

Gwen Hoheisel, M.S.
Washington State University
Gwen Hoheisel received her B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Master’s in Entomology focusing on IPM and Insect Diversity at Pennsylvania State University. Gwen now works for Washington State University extension with a focus on grapes and tree fruit. Currently she is focusing on sustainable pest management and application technologies.
Mark Mease
WA Dept. of Labor and Industries
Mark is a Certified Industrial Hygienist working for the State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries in the Consultation and Education Division. In this position he travels throughout much of Eastern Washington visiting high-hazard businesses too small to afford their own Health and Safety staff. He reviews their health and safety programs and evaluates their workplaces to promote a safer and more healthful workplace for employees. As a consultant, Mark issues no citations and levies no fines for failure to comply with regulations. It is his purpose, in fact, to help businesses avoid the types of penalties issued by the compliance inspectors. There is no fee for consultation services. Mark began his career as an industrial hygienist in 1988 with a consulting firm in Seattle before coming to the Tri-Cities in 1989 as an industrial hygienist for the Westinghouse Hanford Company. He transferred to the Hanford Environmental Health Foundation from 1991 to 1995, and has worked for the State of Washington since 1996.
Bruce Olson CSP
Pesticide Compliance Investigator
WA State Dept. of Agriculture
Bruce A. Olson, CSP WSDA Pesticide Compliance Investigator covering Chelan & Okanogan Counties and specializing in vineyard & winery issues – 2006 to 2016. 
BS Occupational Safety & Health - 2004. Certified Safety Professional - 2008. 
Safety Director at Oregon Child Development Coalition – 2004 – 2006. 
AG-Chem Supervisor at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates – 1998 to 2004. 
Owner/President at Cascade Horticultural Spray Services – 1985 to 1998.
Ron Overton
Overton Safety Training
Owner and president of OVERTON Safety Training (OST), with 19 full time employees including 10 full time professional instructor/evaluators, they have been providing safety training services for Hoisting and Lifting Professionals since 1994. He has authored 26 hoisting and lifting safety training programs. A certified crane operator & accredited practical examiner he has been a speaker at the Crane and Hoist national safety conference, Aerial Work Platform national safety conference, Con Expo in Las Vegas, World of Concrete in Las Vegas and statewide GOSH and regional safety conferences in Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington State. Current Chairman of the Board of the Association of Crane and Rigging Professionals.
Michael Peterson
Gradient Corporation
Michael Peterson is a board-certified toxicologist with Gradient, a human health and risk sciences consulting firm. He specializes in the evaluation of risks from human chemical exposures, including pesticides. He has evaluated risks from exposure to pesticides in a variety of contexts, including drift evaluations as well as occupational exposures from roadside and hand sprayer applications. His expertise also includes food safety, in particular the evolution of pesticide and other chemical residues in food or food contact materials. He resides in Leavenworth with his family.
Jaime Ramon
WA Dept. of Agriculture

Jaime worked for the tree fruit industry for over 20 years. After that, he started working for the Washington Department of Agriculture; and for the last ten years, he has been conducting WPS trainings for pesticide handlers, field workers and ag trainers. Jaime also conducts WPS inspections.

Tito Rodriguez
Public Health Advisor
WA Dept. of Health
Mario Salcedo
Regional Sales Manager
Honeywell Industrial Safety Products
Mario Salcedo is the Regional Sales Manager for Honeywell Safety Products in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. He’s been with Honeywell Industrial Safety for seven years and five years as an Account Executive for British Petroleum. Mario educates end users and distributors on the proper use of general PPE: hand & arm protection, eye & face protection, hearing protection and more. He’s currently involved with the voice of the customer for Honeywell Industrial Products. Where he discovers customer’s PPE needs, and works closely with Honeywell Product Managers to Invent, design, or re-engineers products. Mario completes free safety analysis for customers to mitigate risk for the employer and employees. He assist companies to standardize, rationalize PPE products to reduce the customers cost. Mario provides his services to the following industries; Agricultural Product and Services, Heavy Construction, Metal Fabrication, Oil & Gas refining, Aviation & Component Services.
Lupe Sanchez
OIC of Washington
Lupe Sanchez works for OIC of Washington's National Farmworker Jobs Program.  She is knowledgeable of state, federal laws and regulations governing employment in Washington State.  Lupe has extensive experience working in the agricultural industry and has a proven track record of success in ensuring Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers receive equitable access to employment and training opportunities.
Sonja Sax
Gradient Corporation
Dra. Sonja Sax es una consultora ambiental para Ramboll. Se especializa en salud ambiental, específicamente en la exposición y efectos de salud de contaminantes ambientales, incluyendo gases y partículas aerotransportadas. En su trabajo se dedica a la investigación de los problemas de calidad de aire en el interior de casas y también al aire libre. Regularmente ella usa modelos ambientales para predecir exposición a contaminantes en el aire, incluyendo exposición a pesticidas. Dra. Sax también contribuye a la evaluación y a la interpretación de estudios epidemiológicos y toxicológicos y en la preparación de informes técnicos. Ella vive en Shrewsbury, Massachusetts con su esposo y dos hijos.
Pedro Serrano
DOSH Hispanic Outreach Program Manager
Dept. of Labor and Industries
Mr. Serrano is the DOSH Hispanic Outreach Program Manager for the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) in the state of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries. Mr. Serrano is responsible for providing strategic communication throughout the Hispanic community statewide. He works with employees, employers, employee organizations, advocate organizations, government entities and anyone interested on safety and health issues that impact the Hispanic community. Promotes consistent understanding of the rules and related diverse technical information and emphasizes the fundamental importance of worker safety and health toward preventing worker injury, illness and death, and reducing worker's compensation costs. Mr. Serrano has 23 years safety and health experience as a bilingual safety and health professional with DOSH.
Flor Servin
WA Dept. of Labor & Industries
Flor Servin works for the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) as a Safety & Health Consultant and Spanish Bilingual Outreach/Training specialist. Flor Servin has 15 years of experience as a safety trainer. Currently, Flor is participating as a lead safety trainer along with the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s (WSDA) trainers during the workshops where Department of Labor and Industries is collaborating with WSDA and the Agriculture Industry to provide safety training to growers, managers and farmworkers.  
Jennifer Sievert
Public Health Advisor
WA Dept. of Health
Jennifer has worked in occupational public health for 15 years. Currently, she is a bilingual investigator in Washington’s Pesticide Illness Prevention Program. In the follow-up investigation on reports of illness, she interviews those affected and considers health and toxicological data to determine whether or not the illness is related to the pesticide exposure. Washington’s data contributes to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s Pesticide Illness and Injury Surveillance and the US Environmental Protection Agency to further research and protect workers.
Tisa Soeteber
WA Dept. of Labor & Industries
Tisa Soeteber is the Agricultural Employment Standards Specialist with the Department of Labor & Industries. She has been employed by the State of Washington for 19 years. She manages and supervises a team of field staff who focus on providing consultations and ensuring compliance with the Farm Labor Contractor Act, Farm Internship Project, Agricultural Employment Standards, Minimum Wage Act, and Wage Payment Act. Tisa has conducted training seminars, provided informative consultations and performed investigations involving various statutes related to wage & hour. She also has an extensive background working with various agricultural crops including tomatoes, kiwis, walnuts, almonds, prunes, peaches, apples, pears and cherries.
Angie Ward
Washington Traffic Safety Commission
Angie is a program manager for the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. In her twenty two years working for the WTSC she has managed every behavior change program in the area of traffic safety including impaired driving, seat belt use, speeding, and distracted driving. Previously she worked for two Washington governors and for the Association of General Contractors in Columbia South Carolina. On weekends Angie sings with her husband in an acoustic duo and enjoys spending time with her two teenage sons.
Esteban Zambrano Jr.
Industrial Relations Agent 2
WA Dept/ of Labor and Industries