2nd Edition of Transport of High Risk Neonates


”The aim of the 2nd Edition of the High Risk Transport of Neonates Congress in Copenhagen is to bring together health care professionals involved in the planning and conduct of neonatal transports from all over the world. The topics will focus on state-ofthe art procedures and technical solutions for neonatal transport, but will also take into account practical problem solving under unforeseen and austere conditions. 
Key opinion leaders from different cultural and geographical areas will present and discuss their views on how to manage vulnerable, sick newborns during interfacility retrieval. 
The congress concept will promote a high degree of interactivity among the participants, and there will be plenty of networking opportunities in order to enhance exchange and comparison of professional experiences and knowledge. The ultimate goal of the congress is to challenge and find solutions to the unmet needs in high-risk transports of sick neonates and to promote cooperation and research activities on a multinational scale”.

  • Neonatologists
  • Paediatric intensivists
  • Paediatric anaesthesiologists
  • Neonatal intensive care nurses
  • Nurse pratictioners
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Perfusionists
  • Clinicians medical directors and decision makers



  • Professional and personal qualifications needed to carry our neonatal transports?
  • Specific challenges on neonatal transports in helicopters and fixed wing flights
  • Specific ABCDE challenges during transport (immaturity/prematurity, IUGR, twins, septicaemia, meningitis, convulsions, IVH, HIE, malformations, CHD, CDH, gastroscisis, MMC, ECMO etc.)


  • How can we optimize pre - and post transport communication with referring hospital?
  • Adverse events during transport - how can we learn from our mistakes?
  • Safety issues for the patient and the transport staff - parents on board?
  • Indications for high risk transport of neonates - can they be standardized?
  • How do you identify patients who will benefit from rapid retrieval?
  • Triage and risk assessment before, during and after transport. What works?
  • Maternal-fetal transports – is it better to transport the pregnant woman earlier?
  • Key performance indicators in neonatal transport - what is really important?
  • Should neonatal teams transfer young infants/ children? What is the mission creep and scope?
  • Can you keep infants at a lower level of care with expert oversight?


  • Packing the bags - what should we bring?
  • Transport incubators - compressing a level III/IV NICU into a portable unit on wheels Transport vehicles - is there a perfect solution?


  • Pros et cons in part-clinical/ full-time transport teams
  • How do we recruit, train and re-certify transport personnel?


  • Unsolved problems in neonatal transport - potential for improvement, identification of areas for innovation?
  • Research in neonatal transport - what is needed?