12th Thermoplastic Elastomers Conference 2016
TPE Primer
Tuesday September 20
1pm - 4pm

Hosted By: Stephane Morin, Alliance Polymers & Service

On-site Registration will be open from 12pm - 1pm
Commodity TPEs
Polyolefin Elastomers
Jeff Munro, Dow Chemical Company
Styrenic Copolymers
Mark Berard, TSRC-Global
PVC Alloys
William Blasius, Foster Corporation
Engineering TPEs
Sarah Westerdale, BASF
Polyester Copolymers
Chris Schroder, DSM
Polyamide Copolymers
Chris Schroder, DSM
Specialty TPEs
Kevin Cavicchi, University of Akron
Shape Memory
Kevin Cavicchi, University of Akron
Wrap Up
TPE Selection
Stephane Morin, Alliance Polymers and Service