2015 TAPPI Improving Paper Machine Performance Course

Proposed Course Schedule

Day One - Tuesday, October 13

Session 1

8:00am     Course Introduction - Jim Atkins, Atkins, Inc.

8:30am     Defining the PM Optimization Process - Jim Atkins

10:00am   Paper Machine Energy Conservation - Dick Reese     

12:00pm   Lunch

Session 2

1:00pm    Measuring Paper Machine Efficiency - Dick Reese

2:30pm    Evaluating Headbox Performance - Jim Atkins 

5:00pm    Class Ends

Day Two - Wednesday, October 14

8:00am     Wet End Additives Analysis - Chuck Klass, Klass Associates 

10:00am     Forming Section Analysis - Jim Atkins

12:00pm   Lunch

Session 4

1:00pm   Evaluating the Press Section  - Jim Atkins

3:30pm  Press Section Workshop - Jim Atkins    

5:00pm    Class Ends

Day Three - Thursday, October 15

Session 5

8:00am    Evaluating Dryer Section Performance - Ken Hill

10:00am  Dryer Section Workshop Ken Hill

12:00pm   Lunch

Session 6

1:00pm   Evaluating Size Press, Calenders, Coaters Chuck Klass

3:00pm   Coating/Sizing Applications - Chuck Klass

4:30pm    Course Evaluation and Wrap Up

5:00pm    Class Ends