The Water Industry Safety Excellence Award acknowledges outstanding initiatives and team contributions in considering and playing an active part in the area of safety improvement and injury prevention across the entire water industry.

Open to all corporate members of the Australian Water Association for projects taking place in the last two years.

Closing date:
28 February 2025
This award is part of the national competition to be awarded in May 2025.
Submission Criteria for this award:  
• Provide a brief overview of the safety initiative (210 words)
• Outline what the safety issue is/was and the process to establish the root cause (160 words)
• State the assessment of the hierarchy of control and how the highest feasible level of control was adopted (210 words)
• Describe the process established to trial and develop the solution (160 words)
• To what extent were key stakeholders consulted about the chosen process (210 words)
• Is this initiative an original concept? How did others contribute to the development? (210 words)
• Describe the health and safety benefits achieved by the initiative, including the improvements in organisational or team health and safety performance (260 words)
• Can this initiative be transferred more broadly? If yes, how? (210 words) 
Items to accompany your submission:
• Lead-organisation bio
• 3 x images to be used in awards presentation


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