The R&D Excellence Award recognises projects that challenge current practice and address the need for a sustainable future. These projects add to the conservation or better use of water resources, knowledge of water technology, environment, sociology, economics or culture aspects. This award is open to research and development of all types, including early-stage.

Open to all corporate members of the Australian Water Association for projects taking place in the last two years.
Closing date by state:
QLD: 5 August 2024
NT: 9 August 2024
VIC: 23 August 2024
WA: 4 September 2024
SA: 11 September 2024
TAS: 20 September 2024
ACT: 15 November 2024
NSW: 15 November 2024
Submission Criteria for this award:  

• Project executive summary (150 words)
• Outline the most significant contribution of the R&D project to achieving a prosperous and sustainable water future (250 words)
• Provide evidence of research excellence e.g. competitive funding awarded, industry acceptance (uptake), honours and prizes (250 words)
• Demonstrate the social, economic, environmental and/or cultural impacts of the project, how the impact has been achieved and by whom (250 words)
• Provide evidence of the broader engagement of R&D outcomes e.g. publications (media and journals), presentations or demonstrations (250 words)

Items to accompany your submission:
• Lead-organisation bio
• 3 x images to be used in awards presentation


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