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PMI Global Summit 2023: Call for Presentations

**Helpful Hint: This site works best while using Google Chrome.**


Thank you for your interest in participating in PMI® Global Summit 2023! This website will be the place for you to manage your submission throughout the presentation development process. We're looking forward to working with you and creating an engaging learning experience for the project management community. 

If you have any questions,  please contact event.speakers@pmi.org.

What Are We Looking For?

Global Summit will bring together a diverse audience - professionals in project management who want to invest in career building skills, PMO leaders excited to connect and share how organizations can be a force for change, and volunteers looking to increase their power to drive the profession and foster community. Proposals can be targeted for any or all of those audiences. 

PMI is seeking proposals that …. 

  • will enhance attendees’ power skills, build their business acumen, and find ways to work smarter,
  • have practical, tangible and precise takeaways for attendees, and
  • address making social impact projects a priority, fostering open and innovative partnerships, rethink relationships with stakeholders, and have key capabilities to succeed.

Below is a list of topics that we're looking for.

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Rules of Engagement/Requirements

  • ​​​​Only presentation proposals submitted online and by the published deadline will be considered.
  • While more than one presentation proposal may be submitted, please note that acceptances are limited to a maximum of one per person.
  • One co-presenter may participate and co-presenter information must be shared at time of submission.
  • Submitter is the lead presenter and primary point of contact. Lead presenter is responsible for sharing communications from PMI Speaker Team with co-presenter.
  • Use clear, error-free language and note word limits for titles and descriptions.
  • PMI retains the right to modify titles and descriptions for marketing purposes.
  • Avoid all commercial bias; content is to be educational in nature, neutral and unbiased, free of commercial motive/intent.
  • Priority given to presentation proposals that include original content that has not been presented elsewhere.
  • Accepted presenters:
    • must adhere to published deadlines (see chart below for milestones),
    • will prepare a draft presentation that will be reviewed by subject matter experts,
    • will participate in a virtual practice session with a subject matter expert,
    • must observe any intellectual property rights, and
    • must register for the event; registration is complimentary for a lead presenter. A co-presenter will be offered a discounted registration rate.

To Get Started​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Preparedness is key! Review these helpful documents before submitting your proposal.

Global Summit Programming Timeline

Developing a conference is just like a project! Below are the milestones for participation. Take note of the dates as these will impact you.


(Note: dates are subject to change.)



For Presentation Proposals: 

31 January - 15 March 

Call for Presentations Open

Deadline to submit presentation proposal is NO LATER than 15 March, 11:59 p.m. ET

Week of 1 MayNotification of presentation proposal status sent to submitters

For Accepted Presenters: 

7 MayDeadline 7 May for Accepted Presenters to: 
  • Confirm participation
  • Complete Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest forms
  • Review and confirm profile - company, title, bio, headshot
  • Make applicable revisions to session title, description and/or learning objectives based on subject matter expert feedback
  • Confirm co-presenter
Week of 8 May

Speaker Webinars

  • This webinar is intended to provide you details as your role as a presenter
5 JuneDraft Presentation DUE by 11:59 p.m. ET

17 July - 14 August  

Virtual Practice Sessions to be held (approx. 1 hour) with Subject Matter Experts

Need to be completed NO LATER than 14 August    

15 September

Final PowerPoint presentation DUE 

Need to be submitted NO LATER than 15 September at 11:59 p.m. ET

25-28 October 

PMI® Global Summit 2023, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Presenters must arrive in event city and check in at speaker registration at least 24 hours in advance to schedule presentation date.


Know your audience! This is a useful resource when preparing your presentation.


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