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We look forward to your participation at Open Apereo 2020! Please submit a conference proposal today! Before submitting a proposal, you'll need an account. Just click the Login button to use your existing account or to create a new one. It's free, of course. Once logged in select Submissions and click "add new". Please get started with your proposal submission now or click on one of the questions below to learn more about the upcoming conference.

Why Attend Open Apereo 2020? 

Open Apereo is an annual event that enables practitioner networking, knowledge sharing and transfer, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Open Apereo is an opportunity to learn about the many ways higher education is using open-source software to help control costs, deliver the academic mission, and retain the capacity to innovate. This year we're building on the proven success of previous events with community-driven innovations. Join us at The University of Michigan School of Technology, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA from Monday, June 15th to Friday, June 19th 2020. Be part of the Open Apereo 2020 vision!


At Open Apereo 2020, we have an exciting new format:

  • Monday | June 15 - The conference begins with Apereo software communities, member institutions and adopters highlighting new features, integrations, and common uses. Participants will learn about new developments across Apereo software communities and be able to speak directly with software community leaders.

  • Tuesday | June 16 - Design Challenge Day. This will interweave pedagogy, design, and development. Educators, technologists, and instructional designers will work together in a series of related workshops to address common challenges within higher education.

  • Wednesday & Thursday AM | June 17 & 18 - Multi-Track Schedule. Community driven sessions will share real-world stories and demonstrate how higher education institutions can use open source software to solve real-world problems in a cost effective way.

  • Thursday PM & Friday | June 18 & 19 - The conference will wrap up with time devoted to community gatherings and unconference-like activities. Stay tuned for further details.

Open Apereo 2020 is an international, inclusive event organized by the Apereo Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and sustaining innovative open-source software for education. Throughout the event, we’ll also feature a range of social events as well as extended showcase and poster session opportunities.

What Kinds of Proposals are We Looking For?

We are seeking conference proposals around the following themes. Read on to inspire ideas of what your presentation could offer:

  • Strategy & Leadership: Areas of Interest include open source and cost control; open source and alignment with strategic control and institutional mission; open source and privacy; open source and the cloud; open source and open culture

  • Open Source Software: Student and Faculty Success Stories - Areas of Interest include sharing student success stories; connecting students with services; accessibility and universal design; best practices with learning environments and tools; learning analytics; early alert systems; eportfolios; OER content; lecture capture and media management; professional development

  • Technical Deep Dive: Areas of Interest include accessibility and universal design; deploying open source software; Webcomponents; integration; managing upgrades; software development best practices; security; identity and access management; software development tools and environments; emerging technologies; internationalization; standards development and implementation

  • Facing the Future: Innovation Supporting ChangeAreas of Interest include what's next for technology enhanced learning?; next generation learning environments and how we get there; artificial intelligence and machine learning; institutional innovation; regional challenges and solutions; future of research collaboration; Apereo incubation project showcase; emerging standards and their impact on education; scanning the horizon

We are also seeking a variety of presentation formats this year. Take this opportunity to share what you have been working on in a format that is best for you! Read on to discover the formats we are soliciting for Open Apereo 2020:


Wednesday & Thursday | June 17 & 18 | Presentation Options:

  • Presentation: Conference session presentations will run for 45 minutes with an open format. Presentations can be information sessions, panel discussions, or other speaking events. For information sessions, we recommend 30 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes reserved for audience questions and answers. We DO NOT require presentations to center on Apereo products or projects. When developing presentations, please consider the issues, opportunities, and innovations that are most central to best practices, fundamental values, and/or success in technology-enabled teaching, learning, and research.

  • Birds of a Feather Discussion: Please suggest a topic for informal collaboration and discussion. There is no need to prepare a presentation for these sessions, though sometimes an opening statement to set context and ask provocative questions can help get the discussion started. This is simply an opportunity for like-minded folk to meet and share.

  • "Out of the Box" Presentation: A session presentation that could vary in length and is "out of the box." Create your own format and delivery of your material in a fun, creative, and interactive manner.

  • Lightning Talk: A Lightning Talk is a fun, five-minute presentation. Is there a little known feature in an Apereo tool? Are there common pain points for which you have developed a shiny, new solution? Is there a new teaching technique or development platform you want to showcase? Propose a lightning talk!

Monday | June 15 | Welcome Reception

  • Poster Presentation: Rather than make a presentation, participate in a Poster Reception by showing something exciting you’ve done or a concept to convey.

Tuesday | June 16 | Showcase Reception

  • Showcase Demonstation: Participate in the Showcase Reception by demonstrating a new tool or enhancement. Showcase a case study, project outcome, or course design. Or knock our socks off with something cool and exciting!

Why Would I Want to Submit a Proposal?

Your voice is important! Your experiences, expertise, and insights — and those of other community members — are what drive the success of Apereo events. Submitting a proposal has many potential benefits:

  • Professional development and visibility. Presenting at a major conference is a significant professional development opportunity. Hone your own skills, and learn from others. Presenting makes you and your organization’s work more visible, creates profile, and is often the first step to building an effective partnership.

  • Engage with others who have shared experiences. Presentations often stimulate additional ideas and informal conversations outside of the presentation. This gives you an opportunity for more connection with colleagues, networking, and opportunities to learn from the experience of others - a practical benefit.

  • Learn more about Apereo. Learn how an open source foundation works and benefits education. Discover paths to sustainability with the Apereo Incubation process. Find out about licensing options and how they work. Above all, discover working software from Apereo software communities that can help your institution control costs and control its own destiny.

  • Contribute to the community. Your presentation will be valued by others who will learn from your experience. By presenting at Open Apereo, you’re helping add to a shared and growing pool of experience and expertise.

General Submission Guidelines
  • Choose a presentation title that communicates the core topic of your presentation.
  • Indicate whether you're submitting a conference session, poster session, or showcase demonstration.
  • Write a short, concise, easy-to-read, and print-ready abstract.
  • Spell out all acronyms the first time mentioned.
  • Use a clear and direct writing style.
  • Describe the larger implications of your presentation’s subject.
  • Persuade the reviewers of the value of your session’s content.
  • Use key elements to tag the content of your session.

The final proposal deadline is Friday, December 20, 2019. The program committee will review and accept submissions during the open submission period. The committee expects to have proposals reviewed and final acceptances by the end of January. Please note that you may log in and edit/review your submissions only through the cutoff date of December 20.

Please submit a conference proposal today! Before submitting a proposal, you'll need an account.

Click the Login button to use your existing account or to create a new one. It's free, of course.

Once logged in select Submissions and click "add new".