NNN Conference 2024 Submission Portal

Workshop, Rapid Fire, Poster & Film Submission Guidance


 Please note the final deadline for submissions was Sunday 28th April 2024, 23h ET - we have now entered the Review Period and are no longer accepting new submissions. 

Thank you for your interest! 


Submissions that most closely align with the NNN Conference 2024 theme: "Collaboration for Change: Fostering Global Equity and Strengthening Community Engagement" and the strategic objectives of the NNN will have the strongest chance of selection.  The theme reflects NNN's commitment to foster global equity, emphasise cross-sectoral collaborations, and highlight regional contexts and a broader spectrum of NTDs.  It stands on the pillars of the WHO NTD Roadmap and also forms the basis of our sub-themes. This year we also aim to enhance discussions on Global Equity with greater focus towards regional collaborations and open discussions on bettering community engagement. 

 Submission Types

This year we are delighted to offer our members the opportunity to submit proposals for:

       90 Minute Workshop sessions. There are 12 workshop sessions each lasting 90 minutes, organised in three parallel sessions over the course of the three-day conference.  Workshop submissions that are not selected for the conference will still be considered for a Rapid Fire session, if desired.

       Rapid Fire presentationsThe Rapid-Fire presentation will consist of a 9 - 12 minute presentation in either PPT or video format (if you are unable to present in person), followed by a Q&A session, eg., videos may showcase programme implementation or best practices.

       Poster presentations.  Poster Presentations will take place on one day of the Annual NNN Conference 2024.  We will accept a limited number of posters that cater to the larger NNN Theme and subthemes from early career professionals and full-time students registered on undergraduate programmes in LMICs.  Individuals who submit their posters to the conference will be required to attend the conference and present in person. We will not be accepting virtual posters for this iteration of the conference.

       Storytelling Films. Storytelling Films allow the audience to connect with the story on a deeper level. This year, we are accepting a limited number of short 7-10 minute films / videos to be shown at the NNN Conference 2024. These films / short movies should focus more towards the storytelling aspect of NTDs which could include impact storytelling, experiences of persons affected by NTDs and community voices from NTD endemic regions.  All films should be in English or with English subtitles if in another language.   

Conference Sub-Themes

The Conference Committee has carefully curated a programme and considered sub-themes that are of interest to the NNN community and is inviting submissions in the following sub-themes. Please note whilst we have offered several examples for each sub-theme, these are not restrictive and are only for guidance, we encourage you to be creative and explore different topics and ideas:  


Examples may include but are not limited to:

Addressing Social Determinants for Health

A multifaceted approach to uncover and tackle the root socio-economic factors that impact health outcomes in NTDs, fostering a more holistic approach to disease management and prevention.

Advancing Health Equity for Hard-to-Reach Communities

Focused efforts to identify and engage underserved populations, ensuring that NTD healthcare is accessible and equitable for all, regardless of geographic or socio-economic barriers.

Building and Utilising Evidence for Equitable Action

Strategic use of data and research to advance policies and interventions that are both effective and equitable, ensuring that actions are guided by empirical evidence.


Community-Centric Communication and Advocacy

Direct engagement with communities to enhance awareness of NTDs, employing advocacy that resonates with and is driven by those affected, fostering community empowerment.

Cross-Sectional Streams

Integrating NTD initiatives with broader health and developmental agendas, creating synergy between different sectors to enhance overall impact.

Health Systems Strengthening and Capacity Building

Enhancing the infrastructure, resources, and capabilities of health systems to ensure they are better equipped to tackle NTDs effectively.

Mental Health, NTDs, and Quality of Life

Addressing the often-overlooked mental health aspects of NTDs, including the impact of stigma and myths, to improve overall well-being and quality of life.


Innovative Technologies and Community-Driven Solutions

Utilising cutting-edge technologies and harnessing community-led initiatives to bring novel, effective solutions to the fight against NTDs.


Review & Selection Criteria

Workshops:   The workshop submissions will be selected using the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to multiple NTDs: the workshop should provide learning relevant to multiple NTDs or share best practice/evidence of cross sectoral collaboration of NTD with other areas of health; disease specific workshops and presentations should be framed explicitly to enable lessons to be applied to other diseases.
  2. Clear objectives: the proposal should have clear learning objectives and demonstrate how the structure of the workshop will achieve those objectives.
  3. Quality of proposal: the proposal should include a clear background on the issue/s to be discussed, rationale for conducting a workshop (including how the workshop will build on previous discussions), and explanation on how the workshop conclusions will be followed up by the organisers.
  4. Innovation: the workshop should bring or share ideas that can be replicated, highlight new learnings, tools, knowledge, samples of best practice or innovation to the conference.
  5. Interaction and participation: the workshop should be structured to encourage a broad range of audience participation. Workshops containing only presentations or panels with no audience interaction are less likely to be selected.
  6. Diversity of speakers / facilitators / panellists: the workshop should involve a range of participants across multiple organisations with an emphasis of engagement and participation of youth in the workshop, including speakers from NTD endemic countries; across genders; or persons affected by NTDs. Proposals that do not include a wide range of representation across these criteria will not be considered.
  7. In-person workshop leader: the workshop must be facilitated by at least one person who will be in attendance in-person in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition, it is strongly recommended for the Workshop Lead to attend in-person as much as possible. The 2024 Conference will be an in-person conference with virtual streaming of the sessions.

While there are no limits to the number of workshops you can propose, during the submission process we ask you to prioritise your submissions to maximise the number of individuals & organisations able to host a workshop. Please note that all participants in your workshop, including any speakers, moderators and rapporteurs must register to have access to the NNN Conference rooms, and therefore participate in the workshop.


Rapid Fires:  The Rapid Fire Submissions will also be considered on a selection of the below Review Criteria with a focus on diversity across the Rapid Fire Sessions:

  1. Relevance to multiple NTDs
  2. Clear objectives
  3. Quality of proposal
  4. Innovation

Posters:  For the first time in a NNN Conference, poster submissions will also be considered on a selection of the below review criteria with a focus on diversity across the presentations:

  1. Clear objectives
  2. Quality of proposal
  3. Innovation
  4. Corresponding Author to be In-Person Presenter

Storytelling Films:  For this year’s conference, we will also select films which will be shown at the NNN Annual Conference 2024. The selection of films will be judged on:
  1. Quality of Proposal
  2. Innovation
  3. Community Voices:  Community Voices from NTD endemic regions - these could be stories that talk about community health volunteers, community leaders, or people who have done exemplary work within their communities to help persons affected by NTDs.
  4. Lived Experiences:  Impact Storytelling of Lived Experiences of Persons Affected by NTDs - these could be stories that show the challenges of living with NTDs or stories about people with lived experiences who have contributed to their society or community.  It should highlight the challenges that come with living with NTDs.

Key Dates

All submissions must be sent no later than SUNDAY 28th April, 23:00 ET through the NNN Portal.


       Successful workshop proposals will be notified by email by FRIDAY 31st May

       As workshop sessions are limited this year, we ask for you to please confirm and accept via email by FRIDAY 7th June

       Workshop presenters should attend the Workshop Lead Orientation session on TUESDAY 11th June (please add this date to your calendar).

       Once successful applicants have been notified, they will be sent a Google document to complete for both their Workshop Logistics and Workshop Agenda. Please complete by FRIDAY 12th July so that the information can be uploaded into the system.

       A final deadline for checking the online platform, finalising your speakers and making final amendments to your outline is FRIDAY 6th September

       Please also share all presentations and video content by this date.

Rapid Fires, Posters & Storytelling Films:  

       Successful Rapid Fires, Posters & Storytelling Films will also be notified by email by FRIDAY 31st May

       The Rapid Fire & Poster presenter name, submission title and short description must be shared by FRIDAY 12th July so we can create the timetable and promote the sessions.

       A working draft of the Storytelling Films must be shared by FRIDAY12th July

       A final deadline for checking the online platform, finalising your speakers and making final amendments to your outline is FRIDAY 6th September

       Please also share all presentations and video content by this date.

Nb. All speakers & presenters must register by FRIDAY 9th August.


Please click here for a PDF version of this guidance including the submission questions. Please click here to proceed with your submissions.

Please do not hesitate to contact admin@nnnevents.com if you have any questions regarding your submission.  Thank you in advance for your submissions!