Q.    Does NASDME cover presenter expenses?

A.    The proceeds of the National Conference are used to fund migrant student scholarships, future conferences, support to MEP state directors, and policy analysis and work. Therefore, due to budget limitations, all presenters will be responsible for their own expenses related to the national conference, including travel, registration, and photocopying of handouts. NASDME does not provide honoraria for workshop presentations at the conference.

Q.    Do presenters have to pay the conference registration fee?

A.    Yes, if the presenter is attending the conference or any of its events, the presenter must pay the conference registration fee. If the presenter will only present the workshop and not remain for any additional conference activities, registration is not required. However, in this case, the presenter will not receive any conference materials (name badge, bag, access to the online program, etc.)

Q.    Do I need prior State Director approval to submit a workshop proposal?

A.    Yes, in most cases.  All proposals by ESEA/ESSA Title I, Part C Migrant Education personnel or those whose travel will be funded by the Title I Migrant Education Program, must be submitted to the appropriate State Director for review prior to submission to NASDME. Proposals submitted without such approval are likely to be rejected or returned to the prospective presenter to obtain such approval.

Q.    I need audiovisual equipment, what does NASDME provide?

Indicate your AV equipment needs on the Workshop Proposal Form. Please note that this year, NASDME will provide LCD projectors, but will not provide computers. You must provide your own or arrange for onsite rental.  Also, you must bring the appropriate connection for your computer to the projector if you have an Apple computer or any usual computer.

Q.    What if I need internet access for my presentation?

A.    Please be advised that internet access will NOT be provided by NASDME at NASDME expense in the workshop rooms. Furthermore, arrangements for such services or equipment must be made by the presenter and any expenses associated with the provision of such services or equipment are solely the responsibility of the presenter.

Q.    I am a Vendor. May I submit a proposal?

A.    Workshop presentations are noncommercial forums. Attendees do not like sales pitches or product descriptions. Presenters must refrain from the use of brand names and any product endorsement and/or marketing. You may submit a proposal if you agree to follow the principles, guidelines, and procedures outlined above and on the workshop proposal form.