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The 2021 Annual Meeting of the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (Main Congress) will be held October 16-18, 2021. The meeting will be held in-person (with virtual option) in Atlanta, Georgia.  Preconference workshop dates are Tuesday, October 13 (ACMT Virtual Pre-Conference Symposium) and Wednesday, October 14 (AACT Virtual Symposium.)  NACCT is an excellent forum for the presentation of original research in the field of toxicology.

Abstracts and Meeting Structure
Sixteen oral presentations ("platforms") will be selected and will be delivered over 10 minutes followed by a 5-minute discussion.  Additionally, NACCT 2021 will feature Lightning Oral Sessions including approximately 12 research abstracts.  Print posters will generally be grouped by topic and presented during one of 3 sessions.

Thank you for submitting your abstract for the NACCT 2021 conference!

If you are a student or trainee and would like to apply for a travel award to use for this conference, the descriptions are found at the links below.
Gary S. Wasserman, DO, FAACT Memorial Pediatric Abstract Award - Deadline June 1 

Student and Trainee Travel Award - Deadline June 1

Abstract Submission Instructions

  1. Only unpublished data not previously presented at other national or international meetings may be submitted. Abstracts presented at local or regional meetings may be submitted.

  2. Abstracts cannot be submitted to the NACCT that have already been published (print or electronic) before the NACCT abstract submission deadline May 24th.

  3. The website is accepting submissions from now until midnight EDT on May 24, 2021. To ensure a smooth submission process, do not wait until the last minute! Notification emails will be sent on or around June 25, 2021.

  4. Abstracts must include the following sub-categories:
    1. Research Studies: Title; background or objectives; methods; results; conclusions.
    2. Case Series/Case Reports: Title; background; discussion; conclusions. Do not include references in your submission.

  1. The abstract should be written in complete sentences using grammatically correct English. Spell out all abbreviations on the first usage.

  2. Abstracts are limited to 500 words. Only one institution or affiliation will be allowed per author. Tables and graphs are not included in the 500-word count.

  3. 3 small tables and/or graphs may be accepted using the tool provided by the website. Images may be uploaded for the abstract review process only.  They will not be published with the abstract. 

  4. All abstracts must be blinded. Authors, including, for example, names of poison centers, should not be identified in any way on the page containing the abstract. Author names, contact information, and affiliations will not be included in the material sent to reviewers.

  5. Abstracts will be reviewed for oral or poster presentations. Oral presentations typically reflect higher-quality science and being chosen for a platform oral presentation is an honor and should be the goal when submitting your work. 

  6. Please indicate on the form if your submission is the result of a project conducted by a fellow-in-training.

  7. All abstracts that are accepted will be published in Clinical Toxicology as received. No copy editing will be performed.

  8. Please enter authors names and affiliations exactly as you wish them to appear in the abstract’s publication.

  9. All presenters of accepted abstracts must register for the NACCT 2021 conference. For more information on NACCT 2021, go to

    We look forward to your submissions!  Questions? Please contact: 

    Jennifer Richards